Students Traveling Overseas


Visit the International Travel Clinic (ITC) if traveling with a college-sponsored trip.

All students traveling with a Wheaton College program must ensure that they have health insurance that will cover them overseas. Students who carry the Student Health Insurance plan have worldwide coverage. If a student is insured by their parent's plan or other plan, they will need to call the customer service line to inquire if their plan includes worldwide coverage. If their health insurance plan does not cover them overseas or their overseas coverage is insufficient, they should investigate the following:

  • Inquire of their current health insurance company if they have an international rider that they can subscribe to for their time away
  • They can ask the insurance company if they have a travel insurance program
  • They can investigate other short term travel policies.


Resources for International Travel Health Insurance:

* These companies are not vetted or endorsed by Wheaton College Student Health Services.

In January 2014, the government will provide health care in collaboration with many state governemtns.  This health care insurance is to be utilized by individuals that are not insured by their employer; do not qualify for Medicaid; and can not afford expensive individual plans.  To learn more about this upcoming program you can review this weblink:

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