Chapel Schedule

Chapel reflects the interdenominational nature of the College and include guests known for their Christian leadership and message to the church and culture.


Spring Semester Schedule for January - April 2016


January 11

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
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January 13

Rev. Tim Blackmon
Chaplain's Session
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January 15

Mrs. Billye Kee, Assistant Director
Center for Vocation & Career
"The Power of Symbols & Words"
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Remembered
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Spring Special Services


January 20

Skye Jethani
Author, Speaker, Pastor
"Rethinking Religion"

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January 21

Skye Jethani
"Rethinking Worship"
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January 22

Skye Jethani
"Rethinking Radical"
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January 25

Dr. Chris Armstrong, Director
Opus: The Art of Work
In Praise of "Ordinary Work"

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January 27

Dr. Jacob Lesniewski '99
"Seeking the Peace of the City in an Age of Apocalypse"
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January 29

Dr. Mark Yarhouse
Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity
"Ways to Care in a Pluralistic World with Christ's Love"
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Healing Series

February 1

Dr. Bill Struthers
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February 3

Dr. JoAnn Nishimoto
Shame & Self Hatred
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February 5

Dr. Robert O'Connor
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International Missions in Focus

February 8

Rev. Dr. Bob Blincoe
U.S. Director, Frontiers

February 9

Rev. Dr. Bob Blincoe

February 10

Rev. Dr. Bob Blincoe

February 12

Rhythm & Praise
"The Great Multitude"

February 17

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel

February 19

Lecrae, Artist & Author

February 22

Dr. Philip Ryken
Town Hall

February 24

HNGR Symposium

February 26

HNGR Interns

Faculty Series

"This is My Story:  Wheaton Faculty Testimonies"

February 29

Dr. Dana Townsend
Applied Health Science


March 2

Dr. John Trotter
Conservatory of Music

March 4

Dr. Amy Peeler
Biblical and Theological Studies

March 14

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel

March 16

African American Church Series

March 18

Phil Keaggy

March 21

Dr. Gary Burge
"The Passion as the Way of Discipleship"
Holy Week

March 23

Rev. Tim Blackmon
Holy Week

March 28

Ray Chang
"The Glorious Sufficiency of the Resurrection"

March 30

Dr. Chris Keil
"Caring for Creation"


April 1

All In: Athletics & Missions

April 4

Dr. Dane Ortlund
Psalm 23

April 6

Class Chapels

April 8

Dr. Paul Lim
"Sad Songs Say So Much:
An Exploration of Psalm 88"
Theology Conference

April 11

Honduras Project
"Rios de Agua Viva"

April 13

Dr. David Setran
"Wisdom for Emerging Adults"

April 15

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel

April 18

Zoe's Feet
"All Things New"

April 20

Department Chapels

April 22

Rev. Tim Blackmon
Chaplain's Session

April 25

Praise & Worship
with the Chapel Band

April 27

Honors Convocation

April 29

Senior Worship


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