Chapel Schedule

Chapel reflects the interdenominational nature of the College and include guests known for their Christian leadership and message to the church and culture.


Spring Semester Schedule for January - April 2016


January 11

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
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January 13

Rev. Tim Blackmon
Chaplain's Session
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January 15

Mrs. Billye Kee, Assistant Director
Center for Vocation & Career
"The Power of Symbols & Words"
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Remembered
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Spring Special Services


January 20

Skye Jethani
Author, Speaker, Pastor
"Rethinking Religion"

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January 21

Skye Jethani
"Rethinking Worship"
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January 22

Skye Jethani
"Rethinking Radical"
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January 25

Dr. Chris Armstrong, Director
Opus: The Art of Work
In Praise of "Ordinary Work"

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January 27

Dr. Jacob Lesniewski '99
"Seeking the Peace of the City in an Age of Apocalypse"
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January 29

Dr. Mark Yarhouse
Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity
"Ways to Care in a Pluralistic World with Christ's Love"
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Healing Series

February 1

Dr. Bill Struthers
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February 3

Dr. JoAnn Nishimoto
Shame & Self Hatred
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February 5

Dr. Robert O'Connor
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International Missions in Focus

February 8

Rev. Dr. Bob Blincoe
U.S. Director, Frontiers

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February 9

Rev. Dr. Bob Blincoe
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February 10

Rev. Dr. Bob Blincoe
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February 12

Rhythm & Praise
"The Great Multitude"

February 17

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
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February 19

Lecrae, Artist & Author

February 22

Dr. Philip Ryken
Town Hall

February 24

Dr. Melba Maggay
HNGR Symposium
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February 26

HNGR Interns

Faculty Series

"This is My Story:  Wheaton Faculty Testimonies"

February 29

Dr. Dana Townsend
Applied Health Science
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March 2

Dr. John Trotter
Conservatory of Music

March 4

Dr. Amy Peeler
Biblical and Theological Studies

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March 14

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
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March 16

James "Jimmy" McGee III
African American Church Series
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March 18

Phil Keaggy
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March 21

Dr. Gary Burge
"The Passion as the Way of Discipleship"
Holy Week
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March 23

Rev. Tim Blackmon
Holy Week
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March 28

Ray Chang
"The Glorious Sufficiency of the Resurrection"
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March 30

Dr. Chris Keil
"Caring for Creation"
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April 1

All In: Athletics & Missions
Jeff Peltz
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April 4

Dr. Dane Ortlund
Psalm 23
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April 6

Class Chapels

April 8

Dr. Paul Lim
"Sad Songs Say So Much: An Exploration of Psalm 88"
Theology Conference
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April 11

Honduras Project
"Rios de Agua Viva"

April 13

Dr. David Setran
"Wisdom for Emerging Adults"
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April 15

Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
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April 18

Zoe's Feet
"All Things New"

April 20

Department Chapels

April 22

Rev. Tim Blackmon
Chaplain's Session
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April 25

Praise & Worship
with the Chapel Band

April 27

Honors Convocation

April 29

Senior Worship


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