Early Arrival Request


Campus housing opens for all continuing students on Sunday, August 23 at 2:00 pm.

Students may also check in between 2-5pm on Monday and Tuesday, August 24-25 in preparation for classes to begin on Wednesday, August 26.

The overwhelming number of requests made in recent years which do not align with the intentions of Early Arrival access necessitate the reminder of guidelines and boundaries of Early Arrival campus housing. Please carefully review the information below regarding approval to arrive prior to Sunday, August 23.

Sponsored Early Arrival: no cost, name must be provided by faculty or staff and match the arrival time provided by your sponsor

  • Participation in a leadership team
  • Fall athletic team
  • On-campus job
  • Fall semester student teacher
  • Participation in New Student/International Student Orientation

Non-Sponsored Early Arrival: processed on a case by case basis and if approved, a $30/night charge

  • For credit internship
  • International travel
  • Travel hardships
  • Sibling of new student or sponsored student leader (charges waived)

Not Approvable: will be denied Early Arrival approval and asked to find off campus housing until Sunday, August 23

  • Transition from off campus summer leases
  • Off campus employment
  • Travel by car within two states away

Approved by Exception: rare and based on individual need with $75/night charge

On Campus without Approval: $100/night charge

Below is the schedule for those approved for Early Arrival Check-in:

  • Sunday, August 16:  2-5pm
  • Monday, August 17:  2-5pm
  • Tuesday, August 18:   No check in time
  • Wednesday, August 19:  2-5pm
  • Thursday, August 20:  2-4pm
  • Friday, August 21:  9am-4pm
  • Saturday, August 22:  3-5pm

 Access to storage in the residence halls is limited and will be communicated to you by your sponsor, or for individual requests, by the residence life office.

The regular meal plan begins with breakfast on Monday, August 24.

Please contact the Residence Life Office with any questions at x5427 or reslife@wheaton.edu.

You will receive an email response to your request.

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