Housing Options

Wheaton College is committed to maintaining an environment where students live on campus.


We believe it is necessary for students to be immersed in community living for key life-to-life encounters to be possible. In community, students give and receive, are shaped by and contribute to campus life, and are challenged to integrate their classroom learning with their life experiences. Therefore, as a condition of attending Wheaton College, undergraduate students are required to live on campus in college-owned residence hallsapartments or houses.

Construction began this spring on new student housing; the first housing built in over 40 years. This Fall, 24 upperclass students will move into the first two, of five homes, located on the corner of Irving Street and Harrison Avenue. Wheaton's vision, currently being implemented, is to provide intentional community for 48 students. The three townhomes will be ready for 24 students beginning spring of 2015.

Townhouse Project

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