MSC Steps

Living at Wheaton

Welcome to Residence Life at Wheaton College! We’re excited for you to join our campus community.


Our vision is to create physically and relationally supportive environments where students are challenged to live as the body of Christ and grow into His likeness.

Goal Areas

  • Spiritual Formation- Students will come to love God more and will develop the practices that lead to a full Christ-bearing life  
  • Identity Formation- Students will find their identity in the completed, redeeming work of Christ and put into practice who they were uniquely created to be
  • Appreciation of Diversity- Students will learn to value living in a diverse community and will engage with others who are different from them in ways that affirm the beauty and fullness of the body of Christ
  • Intellectual Development- Students will grow in wisdom through humility, discernment, and wonder as they apply learning to life
  • Meaningful Relationships- Students will develop and maintain authentic relationships with those in the community and learn to navigate commitment, conflict, and expectations
  • Community Responsibility- Students will understand their responsibility to and effects on campus, local and global communities and begin to make commitments to impact society in redeeming ways


2014-2015 Residence Life staff

 2014-2015 Reslife


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