Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am interested in talking about diversity, but it’s all new to me. Can I still apply?

A: Yes! Our purpose is to create a safe place for each student to learn, grow and be challenged no matter where he or she is on their individual journey.

Q: Do I have to be involved with OMD or Solidarity to apply for the house?

A: No. The Shalom Community is a joint effort between Residence Life and the Office of Multicultural Development. All rising juniors and seniors are welcome to apply.

Q: I’m not a person of color. Can I apply?

A: Yes! The objective of this community is to bring together a variety of people, perspectives and experiences to walk through these things together.

Q: Where will these houses be located?

A: The houses are convenient to campus, next to each other, and share a backyard.

Q: What is the cost to participate?

A:There are no additional costs apart from standard Wheaton College Board (house) costs to participate.

Q: Will the houses be coed?

A: No. There will be two Wheaton College owned houses within close proximity to one another— ideally one female house and one male house.

Q: I’m already in a leadership position. Can I still participate?

A: Yes.

Q: I am interested, but I plan on doing study abroad or HNGR during the 2014-2015 school year. Can I still participate?

A: No. The house will only be available to students who can commit to one full academic school year.

Q: I am interested, but I’m an athlete. Can I still participate?

A: Yes. It will be important that any athlete in the house communicate with both their coaches and the LLC representative(s) regarding schedules prior to the start of their season or the school year.

Q: What kinds of things will be happening within the house?

A: Please see the mission statement and student input.

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