Student Government


Tyler Hansen

Graduation year: 2016

Hometown: Stevens Point, WI

Major: Business/Economics

Position on SG:  Sophomore Class VP

Why SG? To learn more about how the College works and how I can help

About Me: I grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin with my parents and my older sister, Jana.  I came to Wheaton because a good friend of mine loved it here, and so do I.  I plan on either attending seminary or working with developmental economics in Latin America after graduation.  Between a passion for waterskiing, Latin American street food, and the Green Bay Packers, I guess you could say that I'm just a good old fashioned all-American cowboy.

Why you chose Wheaton? The people, the food, and the location

What would you like to see happen as a result of being on Student Government this year?  Continue the good work of learning and growing in Christ as sophomores that began last year.

When you’re not studying or working on projects, where can we find you on campus?  Traber 5, the floor where legends are made, or enjoying a three hour SAGA dinner with Josh Falk, Will Elderedge, or Jordan Varberg.

Describe Wheaton in three words:  Fun, funner, and funnest

Favorite Wheatonism:  "Who's up for a Los run?"

Most memorable experience at Wheaton: After Octemberfest last year we kidnapped the freshman class President, Wyatt Harms. 10 months later, our friendship is stronger than ever!

What makes Wheaton unique? There are lots of things, but I would say the top two are an incredible Res Life program and professors that truly care about their students.

Favorite CU or campus event:  ROLLER DISCO!!!!!

How has the Wheaton Community impacted you? Dr. Jerry Root in particular has encouraged me greatly in my faith and has instilled a passion for evangelism in me.

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