Student Government


Josh Rowley


Graduation year: 2017

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Major: Business/Econ.

Why SG? I have a vision for our class and a passion to see our class be where God wants us, and SG is a great opportunity to see that happen. It's not that SG causes God to work, but it an awesome vehicle that He can work through.

Why Wheaton? I chose Wheaton because I wanted to go to a school that sought to honor God but also placed a high value on academics. To top it off the people here are fantastic.

What would you like to achieve by being a part of Student Government this year? This year I want to be used to lead our class toward an attitude of worship and serving the Lord in all that we do. I want to see us set on fire for Christ and launch into a great four years here. I also know that forming relationships is critical in college, and I hope we can help foster growth in that area as well.

When you’re not studying or working on projects, where can we find you on campus? I love to hit up the SRC for a workout, or maybe the Prairie Path for a run. It's a nice way to decompress and stay healthy.

Describe Wheaton in three words: Striving, Life-Giving, Healing

Favorite Wheatonism: CFA. Seriously, can people not just ask them on a date already?

Most memorable experience at Wheaton: Freshman worship during orientation blew me away. God was obviously there, and I was reminded at that point that God wants me here, and there is no other place in this world I am supposed to be.

What makes Wheaton unique? Wheaton is unique in that it has stayed true to its Christian roots, but has not given up its academic rigor as well. Believe me, if there was another school like Wheaton in a warm climate I would be there, but I couldn't find one. I’ll deal with the cold for a school like this.

How has the Wheaton Community impacted you? The Wheaton community has helped push me to stay strong in the faith, and has made the transition to college so much easier. Along with this I have been pushed to think more deeply about the things I believe. This place is very rigorous, but I know I will be better because of it.

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