Student Government


David Clark

Graduation Year:  2016

Hometown:  Rockford, MN

Major:  Economics

Why SG? I chose Student Government, because I want to make a long-term impact on campus.  Student Governments of the past have significantly helped shape this institution into a community conducive to student growth, comfort, and success; I wish to contribute to the continuation of that impact.

About Me: I was born in Mexico, but, shortly after my birth, my family and I moved to Minnesota—where my dad founded Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Minneapolis.  Growing up in YWAM gave me a lot of opportunities to travel.  In total, I have been to 37 countries and all of the continents, excluding Antarctica.  From K-12th grade, I attended Catholic school, although my family raised me in the Nondenominational/Evangelical tradition.  And today, I am a practicing Anglican.  I always hoped for a brother, but instead wound up with 4 sisters, whom I love to death. My dad and one of my uncles also played on the Hockey Team (both under the management of C-Train.) 

Why SG?  By being a part of Student Government, I hope to achieve personal growth in leadership skills and greater awareness of the needs of my peers.

When you’re not studying or working on projects, where can we find you on campus? In my free time, I can be found playing “chel” (NHL ’13) with my boys on Evans 3.

Describe Wheaton in three words: God’s Covert Faithfulness

Favorite Wheatonism:  My favorite Wheatonism is the campus-wide elation on chicken finger day.

Most memorable experience at Wheaton so far: My most memorable experience at Wheaton, thus far, is getting the assist on the first goal against Northwestern last year.

What makes Wheaton unique? Wheaton College is made up of a very unique demographic of people.  Both professors and students are committed to the life of the mind and pursuing knowledge rigorously, but for a higher purpose: to serve Christ and His kingdom.  These two things are, sadly, not often seen together.

What makes Wheaton unique? The Wheaton community has made me fight for my faith by challenging me to confront what I believe about God and His creation.  This happens in the classroom, on the ice rink, and in my residence hall.  

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