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Roller Disco

Started in the winter of 2008, the Roller Disco has quickly become the event on campus that you don’t want to miss.


In 2008, College Union wanted to create an event that would give students a chance to dress up, have fun and to fight off those winter blues. And what they came up with was The Roller Disco. From its inception, it has been a crowd favorite, selling out Coray Alumni Gym every Spring. Due to its popularity, we’ve had to offer two sessions of skating.

During the roller disco, students fill the Beamer Student Center in their own unique version of disco attire. Students will often shop during summer and winter breaks to find the perfect costume for the Roller Disco. With the room cleared of all chairs and tables, Coray Alumni is equipped with disco balls and colorful strobe lights set to the funky music. This event is made complete with the students outfitted in the quintessential quad roller-skates.

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