The President's Ball

College Union hosts The President’s Ball on February 17, 2014 at the historic Palmer House in Downtown Chicago


A Night to Remember

This formal event is held each February in Chicago. Wheaton’s history includes a long tradition of formal events with the most prominent being the Washington Banquet.  The 2014 President’s Ball will take place in the Grand and State Ballroom located on the fourth floor in the historic Palmer House Hotel.

The President’s Ball includes dancing and desserts overlooking beautiful vistas of the north Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.  Music selections included current and classic hits providing a fun, upbeat and lively celebration for everyone. Tickets for this year's President's Ball go on sale in Lower Beamer on Thursday, February 6 - 11 and are $32 per person. 

In addition to The President’s Ball, College Union hosts a variety of on-campus dances. Some dances hosted by College Union over the years include Square Dance, Swing Dance, Latin Dance, Blacklight Dance, and the 2011 Twist & Shout Dance was a huge success.

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