Cast and crew of "Kingdom Run" - 2013's winning film

Class Films

Every April, Edman Chapel houses the annual Class Film festival featuring the work of student filmmakers.


Class Films is the major event that closes out our spring semester. At the end of the year, this film festival showcases a film from each class that is completely made by students. Held in Edman Chapel the event begins with a red carpet ceremony giving accolades to those students who worked tirelessly to make their class film happen. After each film is shown, a panel of judges including students and staff tally their votes to select the winners of each category. During the award ceremony, class members anxiously await the announcements for most prized award of Best Film.

The film making process begins late in the summer and will continue throughout the school year. Students take on the responsibilities and roles of writer, director, actor/actress, producer and editor. Each class council selects a script from their class and then with the selection of a director, the film production begins. Throughout the school year, a minimum of 25 students will come together to make a class film. From acting to writing sound tracks, these films truly highlight the talented student body of Wheaton College.

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