Our Values


Dynamic Leadership Experiences

At Wheaton, student leadership is less about titles and what you do and more about who you are becoming. Purposeful development is essential in preparing students to become more fully who God has called them to be. Therefore, the goal of leadership development at Wheaton College is to encourage the intention of the heart and mind helping students grow in Christ-like leadership as servants in God’s kingdom.

Building Christian Friendships

There are so many ways to connect with friends on campus and in the community. Attending the Talent Show. Enjoying the sounds of a student concert. Playing in a powder-puff football game. Participating in a student organization. Visiting Chicago. Serving at a local outreach community center. These are some of the essential ingredients in making the Wheaton community a playful and meaningful experience.

Encouraging Integrative Work

At Wheaton, students go the extra mile. They take what they learn in the classroom and bring it to life.Students are inspired to extend the boundaries of learning through the activities they become involved in, the resources they utilize, and the people they meet. So, if you want to get involved in the college radio station, enroll in a public speaking course to gain additional speaking skills. If you enjoy poetry, join the staff of a student run literary magazine. If accounting motivates you, manage the finances of a student club. A racial reconciliation discussion group will teach you not only to appreciate differences, but to be a more effective advocate for social change. All of these connections can provide you with a laboratory for growth, enhancing the kind of complete-person development that the liberal arts context at Wheaton promotes.

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