Austyn Bailiff


Graduate Resident Assistant


 B.A. Wheaton College 2011 

As a Graduate Resident Assistant, Austyn focuses much of his time facilitating the growth of students via student leadership opportunities. His responsibilities have ranged from overseeing community for the on-campus houses, to advising and mentoring the Transfer Orientation Committee. At present, his primary responsibility is to develop and support student leaders serving on Solidarity Cabinet, Wheaton's student group for racial reconciliation. Austyn received his B.A. in Communication from Wheaton in 2011, and soon returned where he is now pursuing his M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry with an emphasis in Student Development. Being California born but East Texas raised, Austyn enjoys water, rural landscapes, and wide open spaces. When he is not spending time with his wife, Malorie, you may find him organizing something for fun, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family.

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