Solidarity Cabinet


Rachel Tsen

Graduation year: 2014

Hometown: Fargo, ND

Major: Anthropology

Why Solidarity? In my time at Wheaton, I have learned how race infiltrates every part of my life: how it affects me and how I perpetuate this human-made system. While racism is often an uncomfortable topic, it does affect the Wheaton community and U.S. society, advantaging some and disadvantaging others people unjustly. For that reason, racism is something worth learning more about, if not just to learn how to better love and empathize with my neighbor. I want to help share that realization on campus and lead students to the road of equipping them to be adept about race and ethnicity in the greater world. Ultimately, I long for the day of full reconciliation to God and one another, especially in respect to race and ethnicity. I think Solidarity can play a vital part to that on Wheaton campus.

If someone was just starting to think about issues of race, what advice would you give them? Don’t be afraid to engage with issues of race. An attitude of humility, ability to acknowledge uncomfortable feelings and what they might mean, listening ear, and an inquisitive spirit are crucial to engaging with an issue that affects all of us on so many levels. 

Also, I’d LOVE to hear your story and perspective, whether you’re just starting to think about race or have been aware of it since you were two years old. Shoot me an email to set up a meal or coffee. I promise I’m a good listener!

What would you do at Wheaton if you had more time? Take a pottery class! 

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