Orientation Committee


Tommy Hekma


Graduation Year: 2016

Major: Secondary Education and History

About Me: Although I was born in the United States, I spent my childhood overseas in Northern England; Sydney, Australia; and Singapore, finally settling down in the exotic land of Toledo, OH for my high school years. My family consists of my Dad, Mom and little Brother, whom I love dearly and have been a huge influence on my life. I enjoy playing the ukulele, hanging out with the bros, (It's all about the bros), and playing "what are the odds" in SAGA, where I usually end up doing something really embarrassing.

Why Wheaton? I chose Wheaton because I found it so refreshing to discover a place that challenges me academically and spiritually. I have been pushed to ask tough questions I never would have asked at any other school, yet the school's motto, "For Christ and His Kingdom" holds true; Wheaton integrates the truth of the Gospel into all aspects of its teaching, holding fast to the idea that all truth is God's truth. Dorm life was also a huge deciding factor for me. Residence Life does an incredible job at creating a fun, loving environment for students to grow closer to each other and to Christ!

Why OC? Orientation week can be an overwhelming experience, and my desire is really just to remind the incoming students not to take themselves too seriously during those first few days. In a time filled with transition and information overload, I'm hoping to make the adjustment as smooth as possible, and give the new students plenty of opportunities to let off some steam and allow them a glimpse into how fun and life-giving the college experience can be here at Wheaton.

Favorite place on campus? The T5 Triple

Describe Wheaton in three words: Challenging, Exuberant, Life-giving

Favorite Wheatonism: Dude, It's all about the bros!

Most memorable experience at Wheaton (or part of a Wheaton program): One of my most memorable experiences happened the night before Spring Break my freshman year, when me and four other guys from my floor moved all of our RA's furniture out of his room. We stripped the room clean of all decorations. All that was left was a phone sitting on the ground with a phone number for the storage unit we had booked in his name. Anything that happens on T5 is always a party. Traber for life!

What makes Wheaton unique? 1. Our food is AWESOME. 2. People love Jesus and other people. 3. Your beliefs are challenged and stretched within a Christian environment. 4. We have SO MUCH FUN. SERIOUSLY! 5. We love our freshmen. Everyone gets so pumped when they get on campus. 

Favorite CU or campus event: I love the CU Roller Disco. It's a groovy way to cut loose and have fun with friends!

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? Not one person, but a group of people has had a profound impact on me, particularly during my first semester of Sophomore year. My close friends, at a time when I was going through a rough patch in life, rallied around me when I had trouble standing on my own, and they carried me at my weakest moments. These friends showed me the true meaning of love and forgiveness, and I have never seen a greater picture of service and the love of Jesus than I have seen in these friends during that time of trial in my life.

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