Orientation Committee


Constance Lee


Graduation Year: 2015 

Major: Applied Health Science/ Pre-nursing 

About Me: I was born in Rochester, Minnesota and when I was 2, we moved to Indiana, where we've lived ever since. I have one older brother, who is a year and a half older. My dad is a doctor and my mom is a stay at home mom. I'm the first in my family to attend Wheaton, and absolutely love it! After college, I hope to go to grad school and get my masters in nursing so I can work in women's health. Why Wheaton? I originally hadn't planned on coming to Wheaton but after visiting, I was so blown away by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere on this campus and the good food at Saga definitely influenced my decision too. 

Why OC? I wanted to be involved in something that is challenging, rewarding, and fun with a close-knit group of people. I also really appreciated what OC did for me my freshman year, being positive examples and leaders I looked up to, and sacrificing so much to make our class feel welcomed. So, I really wanted to be a part of this and do the same for the incoming freshman class. 

Favorite place on campus? Sam's or Saga

Describe Wheaton in three words: Christ- centered, community- oriented, and FUN 

Favorite Wheatonism: CFA (crush from afar) 

Most memorable experience at Wheaton (or part of a Wheaton program): Going on Wheaton Passage my freshman year is one of my favorite experiences as it was truly an amazing week in a beautiful place, building new friendships but also being challenged spiritually. It just really set the tone for my freshman year. I would seriously recommend Passage to new students (and just going up to HoneyRock any chance you get!). It's the best place ever. 

What makes Wheaton unique? Tor, our school mascot. But besides that, the community is so special here at Wheaton...Wheaton offers the combination of a liberal arts education, and an academically- driven, community-oriented environment. It also is situated in a great area, with Chicago only 45 minutes away, and so many churches to choose from. 

 Favorite CU or campus event: Probably the President's Ball and All-School communion 

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? The profs, coaches, and faculty/staff that I've been able to interact with here at Wheaton have been wonderful. They have offered so much wisdom and advice from their own experiences. And also, my close friends who have been through college with me, sharing in our struggles and good times together, challenging me to constantly be growing closer to Christ, and just being there for me and listening whenever I needed them. One specific person that I can think of is Michelle Phillips, as she models Christ's humility and love so well in her everyday life.


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