Orientation Committee


Brittany Janofski


Graduation Year: 2015 

Major: Biology 

About Me: While hiking through jungles and cooking on a wood stove was a large part of my childhood as a missionary kid in Papua, Indonesia, I also spent several years in Waxhaw, NC, where I developed a love for country music and Southern culture. Nonetheless, my favorite landscape will always be mountains and waterfalls. After graduating from Wheaton, I hope to use my major in Biology to become a physician's assistant and to work in either short-term or long-term overseas missions. 

Why Wheaton? I fell in love with Wheaton's beautiful campus, classroom environment, and the genuine community. I was especially impressed by the excellent balance of academics and creative social events available throughout the year. 

Why OC? My time at Wheaton has been incredible, and I want to provide new students with a great first impression to help them start out their Wheaton experience with a bang! I also love meeting new people and helping them feel welcomed and at home! 

Favorite place on campus? Smith-Traber Back Lawn (in the spring and fall!) 

Describe Wheaton in three words: Constructive, challenging, fun-loving 

Favorite Wheatonism: "We should get a meal sometime!" 

Most memorable experience at Wheaton (or part of a Wheaton program): A group of friends and I went to see Les Miserables performed in Chicago. The entire night was an adventure and included everything from cheesecake sampling to fitting 5 people into a 3-person ricksha! 

What makes Wheaton unique? Wheaton's faculty and staff are dedicated Christians who genuinely love their students. Their concern for their classes goes far beyond the grades. Teachers and staff are willing to take time out of their schedules to get to know, invest in and encourage their students.  

Favorite CU or campus event: The Talent Show: a night full of fun and impressive talent mingled with hilarious emcee routines. 

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? My apartment-mates continually encourage me to have fun with life and to see the good in every situation. They motivate me to make every day an adventure.

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