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Josh Romero

Josh Romero

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Major: Political Science

Why JustCo? Serving in Justice Coalition gives me a wonderful opportunity to integrate theory and practice in a prudent pursuit of justice.

Why Wheaton?  I chose Wheaton because I wanted a college that combined a vibrant Christian faith with rigorous academics.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Washington D.C.

Describe Wheaton in three words: Growth. Fellowship. Excitement.

Favorite Wheaton class: Political Philosophy with Dr. McGraw

Most memorable experience at Wheaton: The HNGR Chapel dance (click to watch)—and not just because it was a really cool dance. After the hard stories that students had shared earlier, it was a beautiful reminder of the joy and glory Christians will have in Christ when God has brought His new creation to its fulfillment.

What makes Wheaton unique?  Wheaton’s coalescence of faith, learning, student leadership, and friendship creates a fertile environment for growth.

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? Dr. Walters from my Wellness class significantly impacted my life with his thoughts on conflict management. 

What does justice mean to you? I think of justice as obedience to the eternal order ordained by God. More specifically, it calls us to humbly accept our designated place within His realm and to foster social institutions which mirror His vision for human flourishing.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Lord-willing, I will be pursuing justice somewhere in the field of law-- maybe in a law firm, non-governmental organization, or the judicial branch of government.

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