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Alyssa Robinson

Alyssa Robinson

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Wheaton

Major: Environmental Science

Why JustCo? I think that it is important to continuously ask those hard and sometimes convicting questions concerning justice as well as thinking about if the lives we lead are congruent with God’s view of justice. I wanted to take advantage of this Christ-centered community that would challenge me to think critically and engage in justice issues.

About Me: I grew up in the town of Wheaton with a loud, hectic, and abnormally close family of seven kids and two loving parents. I never imagined that I would attend Wheaton College because of its close proximity to home, but after realizing it possessed everything I was looking for it began evident that Wheaton was the place for me. After spending way too much time thinking about the future, my aspiration for after Wheaton, for now, are to utilize the passions that God poured into me, which include a love for nature & His creation, in a way that allows me to love God and others. 

Why Wheaton? I wanted a place that would challenge me intellectually and spiritually, and so far Wheaton has fulfilled that criteria. I also valued the opportunity to continue in my desire to compete as a runner and fell in love with the coaches, teammates, and philosophy of the CC and Track team. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled: I’d say Seattle, Washington. Everyone talks about how flat Wheaton and IL are and after trekking the Olympics, I finally understand. Describe Wheaton in three words: All for Him.

Favorite Wheaton class: New Testament with Dr. Green or Introduction to Environmental Studies with Dr. Van Dyke

What makes Wheaton unique: The intentionality and sincerity of its people.

Favorite CU or campus event: Any event where I can get my groove on.

What does justice mean to you? Protecting, caring for, and loving all of God’s creation especially the vulnerable and oppressed.

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