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Dylan Andres

Graduation year: Class of 2016

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Business/Economics & Interpersonal Communications Major

Position on CU: Business Manager

Why CU? As an oldest child, I have an unhealthy love for planning and organizing. The idea of planning events for the entire student body while also gaining valuable experience handling finances and managing a budget was just too awesome for me to pass up. I feel so blessed to be a member of such a creative and energetic team, and I know they are going to challenge my introverted personality throughout the year. I won’t dance. I won’t.

About Me: I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO with my two younger sisters. I also have a dog named Hershe, and yes I told my parents to leave off the “y” so people would know she’s a girl (“her” + “she”....genius). I love the city of St. Louis, and I love the St. Louis Cardinals! I grew up playing baseball before taking up golf, which I continue to play for fun. My family has quite a bit of history with Wheaton. I am a 5th generation student, and I have had over 25 relatives attend Wheaton. Thankfully, I wasn’t forced to carry on the legacy, and I actually found Wheaton on my own. God’s pretty funny like that sometimes. After graduating, I hope to find a job that I love in a city that I love. I want to be a loving husband, a loving father, and a mentor to young men that God hopefully places in my life.

What’s your favorite place on campus to connect with friends? Fischer Laundry Room. Nothing kindles the fire of friendship like folding clothes mixed with the scent of dryer sheets and lint.

How would you describe the dinner hour in Anderson Commons to someone outside of the Wheaton Community? Crazy, civilized, confusion. But there’s always cereal.

Favorite CU event and why? President’s Ball - Because there’s nothing better than wearing a suit in downtown Chicago. You just feel awesome.

How has the community at Wheaton impacted you? The community at Wheaton has definitely challenged me in so many ways. The people around me have helped teach me what it looks like to practically walk with Christ on a daily basis. They’ve challenged me to take up the disciplines of the faith and to pick up my own cross every single day.

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