College Union


Caleb Wiley

Graduation year: 2015

Hometown:  Tolland, CT

Major: Philosophy integrated with English Literature 

Position on CU: Audiovisual Technician 

Involvement at Wheaton: SAO, DSG, Academic and Media Technology, Various IMs

Why CU? College Union seemed like the perfect place to use and improve my strengths along with building my knowledge and experience in audio production.  It’s also just an incredibly fun group of people. 

About Me: I grew up throughout New England, the son of a pastor/writer and a music teacher.  As the eldest of 3 kids I’m also the first in my family to attend Wheaton.  After graduation I hope to work in music production, both live and recorded.

What’s your favorite place on campus to connect with friends?  The last two years my floor Traber 3 was a fantastic environment for connecting with friends, but this year I’m really looking forward to my time in the Student Activities Office.   

 Favorite CU event and why?  There are too many to choose from!  The glamour and formality of President’s Ball, the simplicity and intimacy of the regular student coffeehouses, and the fun diversity of the Talent Show are all wonderful in their own ways.

How has the community at Wheaton impacted you?  My life has been beautifully enriched by the variety of friendships I’ve made at Wheaton.  Seeing a community of Christians with such a wide assortment of gifts all working and living together for Christ and His Kingdom has given me a much bigger and more concrete picture of the body of Christ.

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