College Union


Andrew Haas

Graduation year:  2014

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Major: International Relations and Arabic

Position on CU: Student Arts Coordinator

Why CU? I desired to join CU for the purpose of being a part of a community of leaders centered on bringing life and joy to the campus. 

What’s your favorite place on campus to connect with friends? The 5th level of the BGC is my favorite location to ponder life. It has skylights, theologians, ancient artifacts, and Dr. Burge! What more could you want?

How would you describe the dinner hour in Anderson Commons to someone outside of the Wheaton Community? Dinner in SAGA is an other-worldly experience. Steamed kelp? Yep, they got it. 

If you had to perform in the Talent Show what would your act be and who would be in it? My act would constitute of myself and a small cat spinning basketballs on authentic Japanese chopsticks. All limbs would be in use.

Favorite CU event and why? Square dance. God bless America. 

How has the community at Wheaton impacted you? Community at Wheaton has provided me with a sense of belonging; a sense of understanding. The best communities are the ones who help each other break down the unnecessary barriers hiding who we are. The desire to know “you” and not the person you think I want to know.

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