Social Justice and Advocacy Clubs


A Rocha Wheaton

To promote awareness of and participation in sustainable practices and initiatives.  A Rocha also seeks to support local conservation efforts. More >

President: Lindsay Copler
Advisor: Chris Keil 

Christian Feminist Club

To provide a safe space to examine assumptions about women and institutionalized gender inequality, both local and global.  We seek to advance Christian justice on this campus through giving a voice to feminist concerns and a platform to discuss them.

President: Krista Pedersen
Advisor:  Sarah Kornfield

International Justice Mission

Wheaton IJM aims to empower students to pursue a lifetime of active involvement in justice issues through prayer, awareness and service opportunities. More >

President: Mari Lindquist
Advisor: Robert Brabenec 

RAPHA (Global & Public Health)

To learn about global public health issues and serve in our community.

President: Helen Harvey
Advisor: Winnie Fung

SEED: Sustainable Enterprise and Economic Development

The purpose of SEED is to raise awareness and promote education in the field of developmental economics. SEED also seeks to establish lasting relationships with professionals in the field through lecture events and service related outreach.

President: Annie Dehnel
Advisor: Susan Greener

Voice for Life

To train Wheaton students to be knowledgeable, gracious, and bold as they seek to make abortion unthinkable and care for those affected by unwanted pregnancy in their spheres of influence.

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