Cultural Clubs


American Sign Language

To teach American Sign Language and increase awareness of deaf culture.

President: Sarah Spencer
Advisor:  Cindy Clousing

Chinese Culture Club

To showcase and celebrate traditional Chinese culture and educate the campus community about it.

President: Michael Chen
Advisor: Rose Wang

German Club

To promote an awareness and appreciation of the German Culture and language on Wheaton's campus. More >

President: Evan Giesecke
Advisor: Grant Henley  

Middle East Club

To promote a holistic understanding of the Middle East by exploring history, theology, culture, human rights, reconciliation, and policy. 

President: Theodora Beschel
Advisor: Gary Burge

Sabor Latino Dance Club

Sabor Latino desires to promote awareness of Latin-American culture through dance.  We desire to spread an itnerest in and enthusiasm for Latino dances. More >

President:  MaLaysia Mitchell
Advisor: Alaina Berg 

Shoreshim (Jewish Culture Club)

This club desires to promote and celebrate Jewish culture in the Wheaton community.

President: Stephen Read
Advisor: Andrew Hill

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