Academic Clubs


Archeology Club

To foster community and facilitate educational trips and explorations for those who are studying or simply interested in Archaeology, specifically of the Ancient Near East.  

President:  Rebekah Dutton
Advisor:  Adam Miglio


To foster community among math majors and others interested in mathematics and also build relationships with professors in the department.

President: Ali McMillan
Advisor: Stephen Lovett

Computer Science Club CSC

To provide community and fun for students interested in computer science.  

President: Leanne Miller
Advisor:  Cary Gray

Geology Club

To increase community among the Geology department, to increase appreciation for creation in the Wheaton community, and to support and promote the Geology department through outreach events.

President:  Ian Treat
Advisor:  Stephen Moshier


The purpose of this club is to glorify God by educating students interested in international business and/or economics and by helping them to pursue their academic or career interests in this or related fields.

President: Nathan Heath
Advisor: Paul Lee

Ingenium Engineering Club

To strengthen the community of engineers at Wheaton College and to explore the practical applications of engineering.

Presidents:  Peter Terjanian
Advisor:  William Medcalf, Jr.

Mock Trial Club

To create an opportunity for students of all majors to compete nationally as part of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). The Mock Trial Team prepares a complete legal case provided by AMTA, travels around the country, and presents its case against other colleges and universities. More> 

President: Jasmine Stein
Advisor: Stephen Bretsen

Pre-Dental Society

The purpose of this club is to be a resource for students interested in pursuing careers in dentistry. We seek to educate students about the various specialties within the field as well as provide shadowing and ministry opportunities.

President:  Danielle Domini
Advisor:  June Arnold

Psi-Chi National Honor Society

Psi Chi exists for the purpose of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology.

President: Alaina Knoedler
Advisor: Sarah Hall 

Sigma Delta Pi

To improve and expedite relationships between students and peers, professors, and members of the health care community.  To allow students to gain a balanced perspective of their current standing in life as a pre-health professional and their future status as a member of the health care community.  To honor and glorify God by taking an active role in serving and ministering to each other and the surrounding community.

President: Nathan Kim
Advisor: June Arnold

Society of Physics Students

To foster community among physics students beyond that attained in class and share the love of physics with others through campus and community outreach.

President: Jonathan Cuthbertson
Advisor: AJ Poelarends

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

To encourage community in the Chemistry department and an interest in chemistry at Wheaton. 

President: David Harmon
Advisor:  Becky Eggiman


To foster community within the Biology department.

President: Debbie Myers
Advisor: Raymond Lewis

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