Meet our Parent Council

Did you know that there is a special group of parents who serve the College by serving other Wheaton parents?


The Parent Council is a group of parents who help with the hospitality of parent events during Orientation and Family Weekend and serve as a resource to the College on issues unique to current parents.  Most importantly, the Parent Council is on hand to serve as a resource to you.  If you would like to get in touch with them by e-mail you can do so via the links after each bio.


Norm ’80 and Peggy Berns Mindrebo ’80

Noblesville, IN
Parent Council Chaircouple
Norm and Peggy have a rich Norm and Peggy Mindrebo - Wheaton College Parents Councilhistory with Wheaton.  Peggy's sister Sally Berns '79 was the first to attend.  Her advice to Peggy was, "Don't come. It's too hard."  Still, Peggy came to Wheaton and thrived.  Here at Wheaton, Norm and Peggy met.  In turn, each of Norm and Peggy's children--Liesel '06, Emily '10, Torrey, M.A. '12, and Sally '14--have chosen Wheaton as a good fit for their unique needs and interests. During their years of connection to Wheaton as alumni and parents, Norm and Peggy have made the Conservatory's Christmas Festival concert an annual family tradition.  They also value Wheaton's annual Theology Conference for the chance it gives them to remain current with the rigorous thought and learning their children have each received.
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Kent ’85 and Cindy Neff Cochrum ’85

Northwoods, IL
Kent and Cindy enjoyed a classic Wheaton romance, meeting in the Conservatory during their freshman year. Thirty years later their oldest son Jared '11 was a Wheaton senior making freshman and transfer students feel welcome in his role as the Student Orientation Committee Chair.  Kent and Cindy are also parents to Andrew '14, who has served in various leadership capacities at Wheaton--this year as Vice-President of the Senior Class; and Caleb '17, who is entering Wheaton as a freshman this year.  With students at both ends of the college experience--a senior and a freshman--Kent and Cindy love to connect with parents about the ways the role of a parent changes through the course of their student's years.
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Paul and Jill DeHaven

Sycamore, IL
Paul and Jill's first connection to Wheaton reaches back to the 1960s when Jill's aunt, Karen Baarda Langstraat '66, graduated from Wheaton.  Through the experience of their daughters Johanna '13 and Kari '15, Paul and Jill have become familiar with a wide range of Wheaton student life. Johanna and Kari have participated in Wheaton Passage, the HoneyRock Summer Leadership School, the Tower Yearbook, Wheaton Thunderettes, and intercultural ministry opportunities sponsored through the Office of Christian Outreach (OCO).  Paul and Jill are also a great resource for learning more about Wheaton Graduate School's accelerated master's program, as both Johanna and Kari have chosen this option for their final year of study. 
Paul or Jill 

Kirt and Carol Eldredge

West Des Moines, IA
When Kirt and Carol's oldest daughter, Emma '13, was deciding where she should attend college, a family friend (Jim Sandager) whose son Philip '10 had recently enrolled in Wheaton, began bringing a copy of the Wheaton student newspaper to Emma every week.  "You need to go here!" he'd say, handing her The Record.  Emma toured several universities that year.  Ultimately, her overnight visit with other students in a Wheaton residence hall convinced Emma that Wheaton was the school where she wanted to be.  Three years later, Emma became an R.A. in Wheaton's Fischer Hall.  Last year, Kirt and Carol's son Will also enrolled at Wheaton, joining the class of  2016.  Kirt and Carol are especially appreciative of the philosophy of Residence Life at Wheaton and suggest that the Residence Hall where your student will be living and growing in Jesus Christ is a place you should visit while your student's here at Wheaton.
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Ben and Beth Hesterberg Fulton’83

Wheaton, IL
Beth is a graduate of Wheaton, and she and Ben love living in this town where neighbors attend church and school together and where Beth can watch Wheaton  traditions such as the "Senior Bench" continue still today.  Beth's son Trevor Adams '15 is a member of the Wheaton men's soccer team, and Beth and Ben have enjoyed cheering for the team both on and off the field.  They recommend Wheaton's Meyer Science Center, new home of the Perry Mastodon, as a campus destination not to be missed.
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Maurice and Julia Henderson

Memphis, TN
It was their ministry friend, Dr. Vincent Bacote, a Wheaton theology professor and Director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics (CACE), who introduced Maurice and Julia to Wheaton. Through the experience of their sons, Maurice Jr. '12 and Julian '14, the Hendersons have come to know the diverse musical riches offered at Wheaton.  Julian, a music major, has played in the Jazz Ensemble, and both he and Maurice Jr., an education major,  have participated in the Gospel Choir.  Maurice and Julia love what they call the "unleashed celebration" of Wheaton's diverse student talent seen each year at the Family Weekend Talent Show, and recommend this event along with the Family Weekend President's Prayer Breakfast as two campus experiences to enjoy during your student's time at Wheaton.
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Jeff  ’86 and Alison Thorfeldt Oslund ’86 

Wheaton, IL
Jeff and Alison are both Wheaton alumni who were influenced to attend Wheaton by friends and family who had attended Wheaton before them. Since graduating, they've remained nearby--their house less than a mile from campus.  With daughters Erika '13 and Bridget '16 both running cross-country and competing on the track & field teams, Jeff and Alison have enjoyed the privilege of watching their races.  They also like to occasionally meet up with Erika, Bridget or son JJ '12 at the STUPE for a quick meal.  Meanwhile, three additional children keep Jeff and Alison running at home.   The Wheaton Twilight Track Meet at McCully Stadium or a baseball game at the new Lee Pfund Field are two sporting events where Jeff and Alison love the energy, the fans, and the chance to meet other parents.
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Lamont and Buenola Tyler

Bloomington, IL
Lamont and Bo's first connection to Wheaton came through their daughter Alexa '15, who visited campus during her junior year in high school and brought Lamont along with her.  Since then, Bo and Lamont have come to admire Wheaton personally as parents of a daughter whose involvement in Wheaton Passage, the Solidarity Cabinet, the women's golf team, and student chaplaincy has inspired their respect for the dimension and depth that Wheaton offers its students. When it comes to campus experiences and "hot-spots" they recommend that parents see, Lamont and Bo name the Student Talent Show, the President's Prayer Breakfast, and the award-winning food service of Bon Appetit.
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Hal and Katherine Walters 

Manchester, MI
Before their daughter Hannah '09 enrolled in Wheaton, Hal and Katherine knew of Wheaton mostly by reputation, their acquaintance with a few Wheaton grads from their distant past, and Katherine's reading of Under the Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot '48.  The general knowledge Hal and Katherine had then of (in their words) "the caliber and character of Wheaton students" was confirmed in Hannah's experience and has continued in the experience of their second daughter Grace '14.  Hal and Katherine have enjoyed seeing Hannah and Grace flourish in activities such as the Christian Service Council, the Solidarity Cabinet, and academically-driven clubs such as "Symbiosis."  One of Hal and Katherine's most treasured experiences as Parent Council members is their annual participation in the "Letting Go" service during Parent Orientation, when dozens of parents from around the world give testimony to God's faithfulness in their students' lives.
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