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July/August 2015


From the President

Dear Parents,

Two recent events have riveted our nation and called us to live out our convictions with love and courage.Philip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL The massacre of nine members of the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, and the landmark Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26 challenge us to help our students grow in their commitments to racial reconciliation and sexual purity.

Please pray for us as we prepare to welcome students from more than 90 countries this fall—students who can make a difference for Christ in a world that needs the gospel.

In Christ's Service,

Philip G. Ryken
Wheaton College


Resources for Wheaton Parents

Have you joined the Wheaton parent Facebook group? This social network group is a vibrant, Summer Socialactive place for connecting with fellow parents, asking questions of the Wheaton parent community, and reaching out for advice on anything related to your student's Wheaton experience.  To join, log on to Facebook and type Wheaton College (IL) Parents in the search bar. From there, request to join.

Did you also know there's a group of parents who serve Wheaton by serving fellow Wheaton parents? The Parent Council is a group of parents who help with the hospitality of parent events during Orientation and Family Weekend and serve as a resource to the College on issues unique to current parents. Most importantly, the Parent Council is on hand to serve as a resource to you. Visit the Parent Council page on our website to meet this year's members.

Finally, we encourage you to spend some time browsing the Parent Engagement website.  Here you'll find links to important offices across campus, dates for upcoming events, answers to frequently asked questions, and opportunities to get involved.  If you ever have additional questions, please drop us a line at parents@wheaton.edu.

New parents: Please remember to file your parent or guardian contact information at alumni.wheaton.edu/newparent.


Course Registration and FERPA Information

If you are the parent of a freshman student, you student will have now received a packet in the mail,Writing Center at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL containing the information they need to register for fall semester classes. New, incoming students will be able to register for courses online up through Friday, July 31.  During Orientation week, students will have an opportunity to meet with their academic advisor, go over their course schedule, and talk through any changes they'd like to make.

As parents, it's important for you to know that Wheaton College operates under The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, a federal law enacted to establish procedures for disclosing information contained in student records and to protect the privacy of these records. The Act outlines students' rights with respect to their educational records and applies to currently enrolled students and former students. Under FERPA, once a student enters college, the rights transfer from the parents to the student. Hence, students must authorize the College to release their records to their parents or other interested parties. Details of FERPA are outlined in the Wheaton College FERPA Policy Statement and the FERPA Notification of Rights document.

If you or your student have any questions about course registration, contact Freshman Advising at 630-752-7373 or Freshman.Advising@wheaton.edu. For more general questions about academic records, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 630-752-5045 or Registrar@wheaton.edu.


Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) is a fully equipped medical office that active students and their spouses areStudent Health Care welcome to utilize, regardless of the type of health insurance they carry.  SHS is staffed with four board-certified physicians who are alumni of Wheaton College and two nurse practitioners. The nursing staff is experienced in college health. Students are welcome to stop in to speak with a nurse about their medical questions or to be assessed free of charge.  During the academic year, our hours are Monday-Wednesday 7:30am-5:00pm, Thursday 10:00am-7:00pm; Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, and Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm.

Our services include: physician appointments (copay $25-$35); in-house or outsourced laboratory services (such as rapid strep or mono tests), observation rooms, completion of small office procedures such as wart removal; massage therapy; an International Travel Clinic; vaccinations; pharmacy; and a free medical shuttle. SHS also provides health preventive and promotional activities throughout the year and flu vaccination clinics in advance of the flu season. 

All services that have fees are billed to the student’s account. Your student will be sent a statement in their mailbox that they can then send to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. SHS does not bill insurance companies directly at this time.

If you are in the market for health care coverage for your student, we invite you to visit the Student Health Insurance page on the SHS website, where you will find helpful guidelines and resources to assist you.

For more information about our services visit the SHS website or contact us at 630-752-5072 or Health.Services@wheaton.edu.


Campus Housing for Returning Students

Campus housing opens to new students only on Friday, August 21, between 9am-4pm. Continuing Fountainstudents are invited to return to campus between 2pm on Sunday, August 23, through Tuesday, August 25. Consideration for early arrival housing, without charge, is given only to those continuing students who are sponsored by a faculty or staff member as a required participant in activities which necessitate being on campus prior to Sunday, August 23. Examples of this are fall athletes, student teachers, on-campus employees, and members of student leadership teams. All other early arrival requests will be subject to denial or a nightly charge.  Approval will be considered, with a nightly charge, for students meeting these criteria:

  • Students arriving early to begin a for-credit internship
  • Siblings of new students or student leaders (charge waived)
  • International travel
  • Travel hardship

Students must submit requests through the online application found at the Residence Life website; questions may be directed to residence.life@wheaton.edu.


Fall 2015 Textbooks are now available!  Students can click on wheatonbooks.com to make their purchase and compare prices with competitors. Our online ordering service offers these advantages:

  • Expanded textbook rental offerings directly from the Bookstore.
  • The chance to compare Wheaton Bookstore prices with the prices of other popular online stores. Our website will link students directly to the title at a third-party site if they decide to purchase their textbook elsewhere.
  • The ability for students to use any Financial Aid credit balance they might have to pay for part or all of their order.
  • A packaged textbook order ready for pick-up when your student arrives on campus.

Why pack it when you can buy it here?  The Wheaton Bookstore offers competitive pricing on computer software and accessories, printer paper, and "residence hall approved" materials for hanging posters and other wall items in the residence halls. 

The Bookstore is owned by Wheaton College, with all proceeds going to support Wheaton's operations, facilities, and programs.  We look forward to seeing you in our store!


How can you pray for Wheaton this month? 

  • Pray for our new students preparing for life at Wheaton. Pray for the 250+ students who wilPhoto by Caleb Mayer '18l begin Wheaton Passage between August 5-12. Pray for our international students, that they will quickly meet new friends who connect with their experience. Pray for all of our student leaders including Residence Life Staff, Student Orientation Committee, Student Athletes, and Student Government as they prepare for their role in welcoming new students.
  • Pray for our new faculty and staff who are moving, some with their families, to Wheaton. Pray that they will be able to settle smoothly into their new home and position.
  • Pray for our families who enter this school year feeling financially challenged or burdened by concerns of health or relationship. We are mindful of the personal story each of our students brings to campus, and lift these needs to Christ.


Wishing you a good end of summer.

The Wheaton College Parent Engagement teamWestgate

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