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June 2015


From the President

Dear Parents,

The energy on Wheaton’s campus shifts dramatically in the month of June. While the summer is a goodPhilip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL time to apply fresh paint to residence hall walls and make other physical improvements, we feel the absence of our students keenly and look forward to their return this fall.

Likewise, if you are the parent of one of our 650+ new students this fall, you also  feature significantly in this picture. Some of you are attending high school graduation ceremonies this month, seeing your student among the teachers, coaches and friends who have shaped his or her teenage years. And perhaps you are beginning to feel excitement mixed with questions and uncertainty about what God has in store for your student at Wheaton.

As both President and a Wheaton parent, I look forward to meeting many of you then. I understand the bittersweet joy of moving your student into a new room here on campus. We honor the faithful investment you have made in nurturing your son or daughter for Christ and His Kingdom.

In Christ's Service,

Philip G. Ryken
Wheaton College


Welcome New Parents!

The Parent Engagement office at Wheaton College looks forward to welcoming you and your student tocheer student 2 campus this August. Be watching for a bright orange and blue packet arriving in your mailbox within the next few weeks. In it you'll find answers to many of the questions you might be asking about New Parent Orientation, August 21-22, 2015. You can also visit the New Student Orientation and Parent Orientation websites to preview a schedule of events and find tips for assisting your student's move to Wheaton.

All through the year, the Parent Engagement office is here to support you as you get to know Wheaton's campus and launch your son or daughter into student life. This newsletter is just one of many resources you'll find at wheaton.edu/parents.

We hope you'll also mark your calendar for Family Weekend: October 30-November 1, 2015. Many parents comment that they love Family Weekend for the chance it gives them to meet their student's friends and to experience a taste of his or her life at Wheaton. Visit our Family Weekend webpage for a preview of this year's schedule of events.


Course Registration for Freshman Students

If you are the parent of an incoming freshman student, welcome!  This month your student will IOC15-cwreceive a packet in the mail containing the information he or she will need to register online for fall semester classes.  Included in the information packet will be a Freshman Course Guide with descriptions of majors offered and their introductory courses, as well as a step-by-step guide for walking through the online registration process. Your student will be able to register online for courses from July 8-31.

During Orientation week, your student will have a chance to meet with his or her academic advisor. This will be a great time for your student to go over their course selections and to make any changes they wish or are advised to make.  If you or your student have any questions about registration after reading through the packet, contact Freshman Advising at 630-752-7373 or Freshman.Advising@wheaton.edu.


Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) is open during the summer. The administrative team is availablestudent health to assist students with any questions they might have related to medical record entrance requirements or insurance, and medical staff are available on a limited basis. SHS is a primary health care clinic for active students and their spouses to use. Our fees are minimal and many services are partly covered by insurance. Students can walk in during open clinic hours and be seen by a nurse for free. Learn more about the services we provide.

Health Requirements for new students: If you are the parent of a freshman or transfer student beginning this fall, please visit our website for entrance requirements.  If your student will be completing the Passage track at HoneyRock, you will need to mail your entrance records to Wheaton College, Student Health Services and to HoneyRock before July 9, 2015.  You will incur a late fee if records are postmarked past this date 

Student Health Insurance: Wheaton College continues to pursue an insurance product which will be affordable and also provide accessibility to providers nationally and globally. All students are automatically billed for the student health insurance product and must waive out of the student health insurance (SHI) by September 10, 2015.  If students do not waive out of the program by this date they will be charged the SHI premium. Students must prove comparable coverage if they are waiving out of the SHI. Comparable coverage guidelines can be found on the Student Health Insurance website. The insurance waiver for incoming and continuing students for the fall term will be available July 6, 2015. If you should have further questions, please write Health.Insurance@wheaton.edu.

If your student is currently participating in the Gallagher Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and you have questions, please Gallagher Student Health by email at WheatonILStudent@gallagherstudent.com, or by phone at 855-275-3700.


Center for Vocation and Career

Welcome to the parents of the Class of 2019!  We know some of you are sending a son or daughter to college for the first time. It’s an exciting time with many new opportunities and uncertainties ahead. 

Perhaps one of the greatest uncertainties is what will follow college. It's hard to believe we start talking about what students will do after college before they’ve even started!

At the Center for Vocation and Career we agree. That’s why during students' first semester we help them focus on building friendships, teach them to manage their time and academics, encourage involvement in co-curricular activities, and help them acclimate to their new environment.

By second semester students might be ready to talk about summer plans, get some advice about their major, or embark on the journey of developing self-awareness. The Center for Vocation and Career will be here to help. We look forward to meeting you during Orientation and to having a long partnership with your student during their time at Wheaton. 

For those of you with students returning to campus, we are looking forward to interacting with them as well! For more information on ways we can connect with your student during their time at Wheaton College, please visit our website


Campus Housing for Returning Students

Campus housing opens to new students only on Friday, August 21, between 9am-4pm. Continuing Fountainstudents are invited to return to campus between 2pm on Sunday, August 23, through Tuesday, August 25. Consideration for early arrival housing, without charge, is given only to those continuing students who are sponsored by a faculty or staff member as a required participant in activities which necessitate being on campus prior to Sunday, August 23. Examples of this are fall athletes, student teachers, on-campus employees, and members of student leadership teams. All other early arrival requests will be subject to denial or a nightly charge.  Approval will be considered, with a nightly charge, for students meeting these criteria:

  • Students arriving early to begin a for-credit internship
  • Siblings of new students or student leaders (charge waived)
  • International travel
  • Travel hardship

Students must submit requests through the online application found at the Residence Life website; questions may be directed to residence.life@wheaton.edu.


Wheaton Grad School Welcomes You!

New parents, we’re glad that you and your Wheaton student are joining our community this fall. Here atGradSchool 2015 Wheaton College Graduate School, our goal is to be a resource for your student as they navigate their undergraduate career and start to explore their options after graduation. Whether they are interested in our graduate programs or graduate school in general, we’re happy to help guide them through the process.

Your student is invited to meet us during one of our Graduate School department receptions this fall:

  • Psychology - October 23rd
  • Biblical and Theological Studies - November 5th
  • Intercultural Studies - November 6th
  • Christian Formation and Ministry - November 12th

They can learn more about the receptions at Graduate School Visits, or schedule their own personalized campus visit. If they have any questions, they can visit us on the second floor of the Billy Graham Center, email graduate.admissions@wheaton.edu, or call 630.752.5195. 


Following a record-setting campaign, junior Katie Thornton was honored as Wheaton’s first All-American in softball since 2011.

Junior Kyle Mellinger of the Thunder baseball team and junior swimmer Kirsty Nitz were name as Capital One Academic All-Americans for the 2014-15 academic year. Wheaton has produced five Capital One Academic All-Americans in 2014-15.

Do you know a school-age person who would enjoy coaching and character development from members of Wheaton’s coaching staff? Thunder summer camps in five sports begin this month: basketball; volleyball, tennis, wrestling and soccer. For more information visit the Wheaton camps website.

For additional up-to-date news and results on all Wheaton’s varsity teams including other programs from the fall and winter seasons, visit the Wheaton Athletics Website (athletics.wheaton.edu.)  You can also follow Thunder Athletics on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or sign up for our text-message service that will send scores and results directly to your phone; fans can also sign up for our weekly athletics newsletter.

For more information on Wheaton’s 10 club sports please visit the club sports website


Another Great Year for the Wheaton Fund

Wheaton College ends its fiscal year on June 30, and with that comes the close of another year of faithfulDr. Howell's class support for the Wheaton Fund from alumni, friends, and parents like you.

Thank you to all of you who gave to the Wheaton Fund this year. Your support truly has an immediate impact on the student experience here, and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to give to the Wheaton Fund (or if you’d like to give again), there’s still time! Make a gift by June 30 and help us sail past our fiscal year goal.

How can you pray for Wheaton this month? 

  • Pray for our students who are studying or serving internationally this summer with Wheaton's GlobalWheaton in England and Experiential Learning program (GEL); who are attending the Summer Leadership School (SLS) at HoneyRock; or who are serving in urban or international settings with programs sponsored through the Office of Christian Outreach (OCO).
  • Pray for our faculty and administrators who are enjoying time in and out of the office this summer, many of them completing books and articles or accompanying our students in international study or service.
  • Pray for incoming freshmen, transfers, and their parents. Pray that early connections will be made and for joy in all that lies ahead.


Wishing you a wonderful summer.

The Wheaton College Parent Engagement teamWestgate

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