Alex Lin '17

Alex is a business/economics major from Nanning, China.


Wheaton College student

I am one of those guys who had never visited the campus before coming to Wheaton. The first few weeks here was like opening a great gift package to me. The first week of class was absolutely a new experience of my life. I was immediately amazed by the creative way that the professors connected Christianity with different disciplines. It is clear that the motto “For Christ and His Kingdom” is not simply a motto. It is visible in all facets of this education. I have to say that the integration of faith and learning has really helped me grow in both faith and academics at the same time. The material is challenging, but the professors are willing to help every student. It is so cool that I even get to know some of my professors personally.

One of the important skills Wheaton has taught me is balancing academics, employment, and activities. Besides all of my classes, I work as a TA in the Foreign Languages Department and invest a lot of time in extracurricular activities. I am the president of the Chinese Culture Club and the business manager of the Scandinavian Heritage Club. These clubs provide me with opportunities to engage in different cultures of my interest while improving my leadership and communication skills. As a leader of clubs, I have a lot of fun but also take on some responsibilities. I have learned to balance my commitments better.

With some participation in small Bible study groups on campus, I am able to build relationships with many people quickly and adjust to life here at Wheaton. My favorite activity is the weekly Bible study I have with my roommate. We sit down together on Saturday afternoons, read Bible passages, and share our lives with each other. As an international student, I feel it is easy for me to connect to the students here at Wheaton. Despite all the cultural differences, we share the same faith in Christ together. There are so many people I can talk to when I have problems. They have shown care that is perhaps harder to find at other places.

The International Student Programs is relatively new at Wheaton, but people who work for the program demonstrate great care and professionalism. They have had international experience and understand what international students need. The ISP office is a place where international students can always go.

International Student Programs at Wheaton College is a great program. It actually helps students build deep connections to other students. I am more than happy to see it grow. I am grateful that God has brought me to Wheaton for an undergraduate degree.

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