Housing and Food



Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate students are required to live in college-assigned housing. Standard double rooms are furnished with single beds, dressers, study desks, and closet space. A limited number of single rooms are available.

College dormitories are closed between semesters and after the second session of summer school ends although college apartments are open year round. Student housing is administered through the Student Development Office. Information is available from the Assistant to the Dean of Students for Housing. Find the Residence Life staff and other undergraduate housing information at Living at Wheaton.

Graduate Students

There are a limited number of on-campus apartments and houses available to single and married graduate students. Priority is given to international students and Colson Scholar families. For more information, review graduate housing options or call (630) 752-5202. There is also a list of off campus housing opportunities to help you in the search for area housing.

These apartments are furnished with beds, dressers, desks, sofas, eating tables, stoves and refrigerators. Students must supply their own linens, blankets, pillows, and towels. Students must also supply all dishes, pots, pans, serving accessories, etc. If you have a favorite tea-pot, or special dish, bring it with you. Many times these special things from home will make your student housing more enjoyable.


If you bring small electrical appliances from your own country (iron, hair dryer, electric razor), you should bring an adapter plug if you wish the use of the appliance immediately on arrival. Otherwise, adapter plugs can be bought here, although the location of stores may not be convenient. U.S. electrical current is 110-115 volt, 60 cycle AC.

Food Service

The Dining Hall provides seating for 800 students and cafeteria service by Bon Appetit. Well-balanced meals offer menu variety for individual tastes. Twenty meals a week are served. Undergraduate students living in college dormitories are required to take their meals in the dining hall. Graduate students may choose to eat at the dining hall. Several meal plan options are available to upperclassmen and graduate students who choose not to cook for themselves. All freshmen living in residence halls must be on the 18 or 14 traditional meal plan or the 210 or 160 block meal plan. A snack and fountain service is available in the student center.

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