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Tributes to Georgia

Contributors and friends commemorate the 23-year tenure of editor Georgia Douglass '70, M.A. '94


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Irreplaceable?! Georgia Douglass comes close. Her dedication over the years to quality in content and appearance raised into elite collegiate class the stable of Wheaton publications for which she was responsible. She, and a tiny, talented staff, have made us proud to lay Wheaton magazine on our living room coffee tables. And, oh, Georgia’s unattributed editorial stamp is all over that gorgeous sesquicentennial book, Wheaton 150. Upon her well-earned retirement, this one alumnus simply petitions: “Lord, send us more Georgia Douglasses!”

Ray Smith ’54 

Carol Stream, Illinois

Great athletes make their sport look easy, but insiders know better. So it is with editors. Georgia Douglass has made the award-winning run of Wheaton magazine seem effortless. But those of us behind the scenes know the truth. Editing Wheaton is a daunting challenge. How to walk the fine line of representing the College well without degenerating into flackery; how to balance substance and style, the verbal and the visual, print and white space; how to manage a team, inspire authors, and meet deadlines; how to negotiate the competing expectations of this or that wing of the magazine’s bell-curve readership. Georgia has brought to each of these challenges a combination of hard work, attention to detail, the highest of standards, a writer’s ear, and a designer’s eye. These she has applied with a consistent blend of grace, doggedness, patience, and tough love—not to mention much begging, insisting, and cajoling—as all of us on the receiving end can attest. The result has been a consistently excellent magazine that has served well, not only Wheaton College and its constituency, but more importantly, Christ and His Kingdom. We are all in Georgia’s debt.

With gratitude for your fellowship in the work, Georgia,

President Emeritus Duane Litfin, HON, 1993-2010

Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton’s tight-knit global community is one of the main things that drew my sons to Wheaton seven years ago. In the last 23 years, I believe nobody has done more to foster and strengthen that community than Georgia Douglass through her leadership of Wheaton magazine. Before there was the Internet and Wheaton web pages, there was Georgia and her team faithfully creating this excellent magazine that informed, updated, and knit together the Wheaton family all over the world. Even after the creation of the World Wide Web, Wheaton magazine arrived regularly, like a trusted old friend, to let everyone know what was going on with their old and new friends. Through Wheaton magazine, Georgia also was one of the College’s most effective ambassadors. Wheaton is extremely high quality and is the equal or better of similar publications from much larger and better-known institutions. It is readable, thoughtful, and well designed. Visitors to my home often have commented on the high quality of the Wheaton magazines on our coffee table. I am confident that tradition of excellence will continue after Georgia retires. But it will be based on the foundation that Georgia so faithfully created. Well done, Georgia, and well done, Wheaton.

Greg Thompson

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Douglass made editing Wheaton magazine look easy. As one who has spent half a lifetime messing around with magazines, I know how hard that is, and I liked our occasional chances to talk shop. Year in and year out, she produced a stylish product. The look was attractive and the writing clear, smooth, and concise. But the heart of what she did was the content—picking the right stories. Any editor serves a variety of constituencies and masters. Georgia’s daunting task was to transform what had started as a strictly alumni magazine—class news, marriages, deaths—into one that served the larger College community. She did it with grace and skill. Under Georgia’s leadership, Wheaton magazine reflected all of the College’s many facets and its worldwide impact for Christ and His Kingdom. Well done, Georgia.

Don Holt ’57

Wheaton, Illinois

I want to express heartfelt thanks for the visionary work Georgia Douglass brought to each issue of Wheaton. The magazine reflected Georgia’s unwavering love for Wheaton College and communicated the many facets of campus life as well as alumni contributions. Georgia’s heart for Christ’s kingdom worldwide encouraged many of us who have shared that vision. Featuring “Wheaton in Singapore, Nigeria, Ecuador,” and so many other places gave us a sense of connection to the far-reaching network served by the alumni magazine. Stories of alumni ministries around the globe reinforced Wheaton College’s commitment to international endeavors, and highlighted the impact graduates have had. Thank you, Georgia, for a magazine of visual beauty and compelling content.

Carol Savage Plueddemann ’66, M.A. ’85

West Chicago, Illinois

In her 23 years as editor of Wheaton magazine, Georgia demonstrated great abilities for a task such as this. She had keen insights into the changes in society as well as in Wheaton College during those years. Her understanding of student life and of the mission of Wheaton College was remarkable. Her appreciation of good art led to creative layouts that always spoke well of the College. Her articles of general interest were on target. Her fundraising was low key and sensitive. She never lost sight of Wheaton’s vision of worldwide outreach. Her articles of interest on the overseas activities of students, alumni, and faculty were well done. At my age I find myself reading with interest the “In Memory” columns in finding news of my friends and contemporaries. Thank you, Georgia, for a great job. We will miss you.

Dave Howard ’49 

Fort Myers, Florida


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