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Those Who Light the Way

This senior art student’s exhibit invites introspection—about the people God uses to stretch, grow, and transform us all. by Kaitlyn Murphy ‘13


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At the culmination of my artistic study, I wanted my show to represent what the college experience meant to me. I know that the growth I have experienced is not limited to my own story but is true for many others.

The greatest influences during my time at Wheaton have been the people who make up this community. It’s been through these people that God has impacted my understanding of him. From the chapel dancer who opened my eyes to another form of worship, to the professor who demonstrates each day what it means to walk faithfully with Christ, to the students who portray the power of growth in true community—this exhibit was designed to remind us of things learned at Wheaton.

The people illustrated here represent growth that has been significant to my experience, but my hope is that you will be reminded of your own Wheaton story and the people God has used in your life to teach you lessons along the way.


RosaIt was during my first visit to Wheaton that I was struck by the beauty of our campus. It was not simply the red brick and castle-like buildings that caught my attention, but rather the freshly cut grass surrounding islands of flowers and the clean walls that evidenced recent coats of paint. Today when I see the beauty of our campus I think about the people who make it a reality— the talented men and women whose work continually creates the environment that so many are privileged to enjoy.


FriendsMy biggest prayer coming into Wheaton was that God would bless me with friends I could grow alongside in our pursuit of Christ. His answer to this prayer is perhaps the most defining aspect of my college experience. I learned to share not only laughter and stories but also tears and hardships. I allowed myself not only to be seen, but also loved in my weakest and strongest moments. I learned to care for others in the ways they would prefer. I learned that investing your heart is not a loss if a friendship does not last. Each friendship, each interaction, is something that can be built upon to strengthen who we are for others in the future. Though I have by no means perfected the art of being a friend, living in this community enabled me to visualize what true friendship can look like when Christ is at the center.


DoncerThroughout my life I have experienced moments when a light came on in my heart and mind and caused my eyes to look at the world in a new way. One such moment occurred in Chapel during my sophomore year when a group of dancers filled the stage. This was not a show for the people gathered in Edman; it was a display of praise to the Lord that I was privileged to observe. It was a reminder that there is no limit to the ways we can worship God. This truth is something I will continue to explore as I seek to discover how I can use my passions and talents for the Lord and live a life of worship.


FriendAn essential part of my Wheaton experience has been the opportunity to think creatively and develop my art. Wheaton has challenged me to think about the ways I will use my work to make a difference in the lives of others. Through relationships and the use of my art as a visual agent, my mission is to touch the lives of others for Christ in both my work and home environments.


DrawingA visualization of Wheaton College would be incomplete without much attention directed toward academics. My mind has been opened to new ideas and perspectives, and I’ve truly benefited from the enthusiastic instruction of professors. I know that my learning will not end when I walk across the stage at graduation, and I look forward to building on this foundation.


Chapel PraiseOne of the most incredible moments in Chapel comes when the voices of more than 2,000 students who have committed their lives to Christ join together in songs of praise to our Lord. I have stopped singing many times to tune my ear to the sound that fills the space.


WorshipWhen I was diagnosed with cancer over Thanksgiving break, the course of my senior year took an unexpected turn. Aside from the physical pain I felt and the uncertainty of how cancer would affect my future, I was devastated not to be at Wheaton. But in what was one of the most difficult times of my life, I felt the incredible power of God in ways I had never experienced before and even now can hardly articulate. One thing I can express: God used the Wheaton community to strengthen and encourage me. Through phone calls, emails, letters, gifts, and a visit from my roommates, I felt the love of the community I had left behind. I realized that I did not have to be physically present to remain a part of Wheaton. I was not forgotten. Thank you for showing me that our community truly does exist beyond the campus.

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