Wheaton Students Around the World

"We have been working in the nearby townships, doing children's ministry, for the first part of the summer," wrote April Sylvester from South Africa. "We got trained in Bible story telling and would put on lessons for the creches, and then have training sessions to teach the Sunday School teachers how to replicate it. The last part of the summer, we did a program called 'Valuable To Jesus' in eight creches that teaches the children their worth to God and educating them on 'good touch' and 'bad touch' in order to stop/prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation in the community."

Pictured, top row (left to right): Julia Clark (leader), April Sylvester '14, Kristen Brown '14, Jenna Givens (missionary in Atlanta). Bottom row: Abby Poindexter '14, Ari Williams (social worker in South Carolina), and Holly Moore '12.