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If you are interested in the work of the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals in bringing to life the historic contributions of evangelical Protestantism in North America, we invite you to become a Friend of the Institute through direct financial support.


All gifts are deeply appreciated and acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt as a gift to Wheaton College. Friends of the Institute who make a $30 contribution receive a one-year subscription to our Evangelical Studies Bulletin. Friends who make a $75 contribution receive a one year subscription to the Evangelical Studies Bulletin and a complimentary copy of their choice of the following two publications, More Money, More Ministry: Money and Evangelicals in Recent North American History, edited by Larry Eskridge and Mark Noll, or Holding on to the Faith: Confessional Traditions in American Christianity, edited by Douglas Sweeney and Charles Hambrick-Stowe.

To make a donation online, visit Wheaton College Giving (Check the “Other” box and type in “Institute for the Study American Evangelicals.”)

To make a donation by mail, print out the donation card (PDF).

For its core support, the Institute does rely partially upon endowment income from Wheaton College. Most program-related funding originates in grants from foundations such as the Lilly Endowment, Inc., the Pew Charitable Trusts, and The Luce foundation. Gifts from individual donors, however, are a necessary component in funding the Institute’s work.
 Please take a moment to consider coming alongside the ISAE in its task. To date, the ISAE has sponsored more than forty conferences and consultations; special courses at Wheaton College, colloquia, and special speakers; and has been the driving force behind thirty volumes published by respected academic presses. In addition, the ISAE has undertaken longer-term research projects which have included topics such as the impact of the foreign missions movement on North America, the financing of American evangelicalism, and most recently, a study of American hymnody.

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