A Wheaton Passage group sea kayaking by Pictured Rocks.

Wilderness Track

Being part of the Wilderness track brings you out into the beauty of creation and builds friendships for life.


Wheaton Passage

August 5-20, 2015

Cost $750

Your adventure begins on August 5th when you meet your leader and small group at Wheaton College. You will travel together on coach buses to one of three wilderness experiences:

  • Sea kayaking around the Apostle Islands of Wisconsin
  • Canoeing in the Boundry Waters of Minnesota
  • Backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains of Minnesota

Activities may also include rappelling, team building and a solo experience. The length and remote nature of your trip provides experiences in community, personal growth, and creation. Previous wilderness or camping experience is not necessary to successfully complete this trip.

Prepare for Wheaton Passage by checking the packing lists for all necessary items.

HoneyRock Wilderness Passage

All tracks will come together August 15 at HoneyRock for several days of small group discussions with Wheaton College faculty, service projects in the local community, and activities. On August 20, all Passage students will travel back to Wheaton in time for on-campus orientation.

During Passage, students are enrolled in CE 131: Introduction to Spiritual Formation and receive 2 hours of course credit. Students will complete reading and writing assignments before and after coming to HoneyRock as part of the course experience.

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