Wilderness Track


Wheaton Passage Wilderness Track

August 6-21, 2014 $750

Your adventure begins on August 6th when you meet at Wheaton College and board coach buses to your wilderness destination. Once you arrive you will join your 2 highly trained leaders and the other students in your small group, and together will begin your journey into the Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Michigan wilderness. The length and remote nature of your trip will provide a unique opportunity to experience community, personal growth, and creation. Your trip possibilities are canoeing, sea kayaking, or backpacking with possible activities such as rappelling, team building and a solo experience.. A group of Wheaton College students on a HoneyRock wilderness trip. Previous wilderness or camping experience is not necessary to successfully complete this trip.

All tracks will come together August 16 at HoneyRock for several days of small group discussions with Wheaton College faculty, service projects in the local community, and activities. On August 21, all Passage students will travel back to Wheaton in time for on-campus orientation.

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