Adventure Ministry Program (AMP)

Guiding 10-12 grade students through the adventures of high school and beyond.


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AMP Overview

The purpose of the Adventure Ministry Program (AMP) is to provide advanced ministry training and leadership experience to college students. AMP serves two main areas: counseling high school students in 2:22 and leading Wheaton Passage. The primary focus of AMP is discipleship and modeling a heart of service. AMP students will engage today’s youth culture, serve those in need, be equipped with crisis training and plan Bible studies, all under the guidance of HoneyRock staff and Wheaton College professors. 

AMP Training

AMP staff training is six weeks long, during which students will be thoroughly trained in the areas of discipleship, leadership, and ministry. Community development and team building are an important focus during this process. Students will also receive training in nationally recognized certifications in areas such as backpacking, sea kayaking, canoeing, adventure challenge facilitation, CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid and water safety.

2:22 for High School Students

2:22 counselors will disciple high school students while encouraging them to embody a life of service. Staff will use the wilderness, in-camp activities, and service opportunities to challenge high school students with what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

Wheaton Passage

The Passage program focuses on preparing incoming Wheaton students for college. Staff will help mentor students in their transition to college by engaging them in the areas of spiritual formation, identity, community, service, and worship.

Adventure Ministry Certificate

Students in AMP have the option of taking the Adventure Ministry Leadership Certificate. 12 of the 24 required hours for the certificate are offered at HoneyRock and interested students will pay tuition for those 12 hours. This certificate will prepare you for a life of service, ministry and leadership in a variety of settings, particularly adventure ministry. Students may also choose to take only some of the course offerings, but please be aware that CE 472 is REQUIRED if taking classes.

AMP 2014




Feb. 07-08

Retreat at HoneyRock

This retreat lays the foundation for a summer of ministry leadership.

AMP Students will not be paid during this time. 

Backcountry medical training.

Backcountry medical training.

AMP Students will not be paid during this time.

May 19-June 29

Advanced Ministry & Skills Training

All AMP students must take at least one course as part of training. 
CE 452:
Camp Ministry (4)
CE 453: Leadership Development for Ministry (4) 
CE 472: Adventure Challenge Ministry (4)

AMP Students will not be paid during this time. 

Each class is $565/credit hour for those in the certificate track. Room and board is $130/week for all AMP students during this time.*

June 30-July 25


Lead, develop and disciple high school students for 4 weeks. 

Base pay during this time is $350/week with $130/week deducted for room and board. 

July 26-Aug. 5

Passage Training

Plan and prepare for Passage

Base pay during this time is $350/week with $130/week deducted for room and board.

Aug. 6-21

Wheaton Passage 

Lead Wheaton Passage

Base pay during this time is $350/week with $130/week deducted for room and board.

*If you sign up for AMP before December 19, 2013, you will receive $650 off your total bill. (This is the cost of your room and board while taking classes ONLY. Please note that Room and Board will still be deducted for the time you are counseling.) 

  • Scholarships are available.

For questions or information on how to apply to the AMP program, please stop by the HoneyRock Office in Schell Hall or contact Beth Lutz

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