Graduate Degree Options

The concentration is offered within the M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry and the M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership degrees. The two-year residential and modular degrees are offered at HoneyRock – Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College located in the Northwoods, Wisconsin 800-acre campus.


The Outdoor and Adventure Leadership concentration is designed for current camp ministry professionals, as well as those looking for excellent training to launch them into leadership fields. There are two ways to experience this excellent and life shaping training. 

2-year Residential M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry

Christian Formation and Ministry focuses on transformational whole person development through ministry leadership, teaching and programming. This is a two-year residential program in which students live at HoneyRock and have a crucial role in all aspects of the ministry.  It provides students with the opportunity to gain experience, integrate classroom learning with practice, and be part of a vibrant camp community.  Engagement in this learning community will transform you as a person while preparing you for diverse leadership roles, including as a professional for the global Christian camp and outdoor adventure movement. 

All Christian Formation and Ministry core courses are offered to remote sites via teleconference or in 1 to 2 week intensives at HoneyRock or Wheaton’s campus. Courses include:

  • Personal Spiritual Formation
  • Bible in Ministry
  • Ministry in Culture
  • Human Development and Research for Ministry
  • Teaching for Transformation
  • History of Philosophy of Ministry
  • Christian Theology

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Graduate Assistantship / Graduate Coordinator Position

You can experience the role of Christian camp in the mission of the church through the graduate coordinator position. You will learn how you can provide biblical and spiritual guidance and to help others grow closer to God and understand His calling and giftedness for their life. The Graduate Coordinator position integrates coursework with real life ministry as part of the HoneyRock staff.

The Graduate Coordinator is a graduate assistantship that provides a stipend to help cover the cost of tuition.


3-4 Year Modular M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership

Evangelism and Leadership focuses on missional leadership and creative evangelism in our contemporary world.

It focuses on missional leadership and evangelism for camp contexts. This multi-year modular format is especially designed for individuals who want to expand their ministry skills and thinking while continuing to serve in their fields and workplaces. With a missional leadership and evangelism focus, and the Evangelism and Leadership degree is designed to equip leaders to think critically and act creatively to embody and communicate the gospel in our contemporary multi - ethnic world.

Students take courses one week at a time several times a year either in the Evangelism and Leadership department at the Wheaton College Campus, or at HoneyRock. All E&L courses are offered in 1-week intensives on Wheaton’s campus. Courses include:


  • Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal
  • Apologetics in Modern and Emerging Culture
  • Church: Movements and Models
  • Organizational and Change Leadership
  • Evangelism Research Methods
  • Culture:  Emerging and Global
  • Biblical and Theological Studies

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