Application Process and Employment Details

  1. Applicants must first be accepted by the Wheaton College Graduate School.  
    1. Graduate School Applications are due May 1
  2. Apply for employment at HoneyRock through Wheaton College Human Resources.
  3. Application deadline is April 15.  Also submit the easy questions below to the HoneyRock Director.
  4. Once application is received, we will call you to schedule an interview.
  5. Selection deadline is April 15.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Previous experience in camp, adventure or related ministry
  3. Evidence of Christian character and commitment
  4. Communication, leadership, and management skills
  5. Desire and/or calling to work in the camp/adventure ministry field
  6. Ability to relate to students and staff and work on a team
  7. Understanding of issues related to gender and ethnic identity development
  8. Must not have any other major time commitments beyond being a student and a Graduate Assistant


  1. The stipend should very closely match the cost of tuition of the program.  Students will be responsible for their own living expenses beyond tuition.
  2. Housing is provided during your time at HoneyRock for a very reasonable rate.
  3. These positions will receive lunch in the dining hall during the days they are working. 
  4. Graduate Assistants receive Wheaton College employee privileges such as Student Recreation Center privileges, discounts at campus retail outlets, etc.
  5. Health and retirement benefits are not included since positions are graduate assistantships.  Student health insurance is available through Wheaton College at a very reasonable rate.


Please provide a written response to the questions below at the time you apply with Wheaton College and submit to the HoneyRock Director.

  1. Describe your experience in and calling to camp related ministry.  How have you been prepared to lead this camp program and work as a member of the HoneyRock team in recruiting and developing college students?
  2. What goals/hopes (personal and professional) do you have for the 2 years in this role?  How do you think this role and a graduate degree will help prepare you to serve in this field?
  3. Which position(s) are you most interested in and why?  In which areas of the position description do you feel competent and what areas are in need of development?  How does this role build on your progressive development (personally/spiritually/professionally) over the past few years?
  4. To which graduate program have you applied (or which graduate program are you currently enrolled in) and what is your anticipated graduation date? Why did you choose this program?
  5. How do you hope to integrate your studies with your role/ministry at HR?  What concerns do you have about integrating work, school and life? 
  6. Based on your understanding of the position description(s), what would be important to you as a HoneyRock staff member for you to fulfill the position responsibilities?  (I.e. What is your preferred work style?  How do you work best with a supervisor? What might you need from us to be successful in this role and your graduate studies?)
  7. Please attach your current resume.
  8. What specific questions do you have about the role? About working at HoneyRock?

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