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Main Camp Office
Wheaton College Office 
(715) 479-7474 (630) 752-5124
8660 Honey Rock Rd.
Three Lakes, WI 54562
501 College Ave. 
Schell Hall
Wheaton, IL 6087






Cindy Daffara Northwoods Office Assistant
Carmen Petersons Southwoods Office Assistant
Diane Reeves Health Center Coordinator
Nancy Robins  Program Assistant/Registration Coordinator
Jackie Pearce Administrative Asst. to Rob Ribbe
John Welsh Finance and Advancement Director
Jennifer Steiner Accountant
Lisa Therron  HoneyRock Marketing Specialist
Rob Ribbe Director




Dell Ledbetter
Hospitality Manager
Molly Shore Guest Services Coordinator
Duann Welch
Robyn McMurry Cook 
Terri Jozwiak
Camp Hostess


Site and Facilities


George Polcaster Construction Manager
Dan Jozwiak Site & Facilities 
Scott Eppler Program Maintenance & Grounds Manager 
Jackie Ribbe Office Assistant
Al Scales Maintenance Specialist 
Emily Anderson Activity Staff Program Coordinator




Ashley Kiley Summer Leadership School Program Manager
Mallory Alpert Residential camp Coordinator
Emily Cloughly  Advance Camp Coordinator
Andy Limkeman  2:22 Coordinator
Lindey Nelson Service Team Coordinator
Amber Clark Group Retreat Coordinator
Erin Sharp Ranch Coordinator
Rachael Cyrus Passage Coordinator
Lindey Nelson Service Team Coordinator
Sarah Davis Vanguard Coordinator
Evan Clark Vanguard Coordinator
Rob Ribbe
Director & Interim Program Director
Muhia Karianjahi Graduate Program and Global Initiatives Manager 
Charlie Goeke  Vanguard Program Manager 
Chris Nafziger  Adventure Ministry Program Manager 
Greg Robinson  Program Director 




Each summer over 45 professors teach at HoneyRock as faculty. Every collegiate program utilizes these professionals to train and educate students for ministry at HoneyRock, and beyond. These faculty members are experts in fields like psychology, youth ministry, Christian education, and leadership development. No other camp or ministry offers students such close interaction with faculty; this makes HoneyRock truly unique. The relationships students build with faculty members grow deeper, and students often leave HoneyRock with mentoring relationships that are life-changing.

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