High School Program

Be a part of Service Team Staff or AMP Staff this coming Summer!



Service Team

Service Team is a small group of high school students who spend the summer learning how to integrate their lives more fully into God's mission in the world.  Through work projects, regular Bible study, leadership opportunities, intentional peer community, and deep mentoring relationships with YOU, the camp counselors, teamers experience life as members of the Body of Christ. We offer a life changing summer so our students are filled with passion for joining the work of God’s Kingdom back home. Service Team is one of the foundational programs of HoneyRock and one of the premier camper leadership and discipleship opportunities.

AMP/2:22 Staff

The purpose of the Adventure Ministry Program (AMP) is to provide advanced ministry training and leadership experience to college students. AMP serves two main areas: counseling high school students in 2:22 and leading Wheaton Passage. The primary focus of AMP is discipleship and modeling a heart of service. AMP students will engage today’s youth culture, serve those in need, be equipped with crisis training and plan Bible studies, all under the guidance of HoneyRock staff and Wheaton College professors.

AMP staff training is six weeks long, during which students will be thoroughly trained in the areas of discipleship, leadership, and ministry. Community development and team building are an important focus during this process. Students will also receive training in nationally recognized certifications in areas such as backpacking, sea kayaking, canoeing, adventure challenge facilitation, CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid and water safety.  

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The Leaders of Service Team

One of the most powerful aspects of Service Team is the opportunity for discipleship that comes from the length of the program. Seven weeks of life and work together is a great setting for genuine invitation into community and building acceptance and trust. Cabin counselors have a unique opportunity for pouring into the lives of students because they experience daily life together with the students for the summer.

During the summer, the Service Team coordinator and team leader lead four weeks of training for cabin leaders before campers arrive. We view the program as a discipleship and growth experience for the cabin leaders as well as the campers. Beginning in training and continuing throughout the summer, the coordinator and team leader meet with counselors for one-on-ones to debrief how things are going, discuss issues, and reflect on how God is working. The staff team of ten is a special group that develops a supportive community of encouragement and friendship.

If you are…

Passionate about high school ministry

Excited about experiencing and serving Christ and his Kingdom through work and service

Drawn to invest in a deep and real discipleship process with maturing students who desire to know Christ

Interested in helping students see how life at camp can be transferred to life at school, at home, and at college

Pumped to spend a fun summer in a beautiful place with awesome people living the camp life

Then consider being a Service Team leader!!

We have spots for twenty-four Service Team participants and eight cabin leaders. Each cabin of six has two cabin leaders.


For more information about joining the Service Team crew, please contact the Service Team Coordinator. You can fill out the application here and check high school residential.

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