Dates - Basic Schedule - Financial Information


Dates: September 7, 2014. August 23,2015

Stipend: MST apprentices receive a salary for the winter/spring retreat ministry and the weeks of summer camp ministry as part of their experience. Take home pay is approximately $7,000 for winter/spring and $3,000 for summer. You will not be paid during various weeks of professional training and seminars.

Room and Board: Room and Board is deducted from your paycheck during the ministry seasons. Apprentices will be housed in a HoneyRock lodge with dorm-like housing with 2-5 other singles or a studio apartment for married couples. Three family-style meals are served daily in the HoneyRock dining hall.


Basic Schedule for Apprentices:

September: Program Orientation, Foundations, Training and Ministry Support Work

October –December: Retreat Ministry and continuing ministry support work (kitchen, housekeeping, operations) while not working retreats. December goes deeper into training focusing primarily on skills in winter sports such as cross-country skiing, broomball, ice-skating, hockey, tubing snowshoeing, winter ministry philosophy and some exposure to overnight winter camping. Training will conclude with a week off for Christmas arriving back at camp on December 26 to start ministry on December 27.

January–March: The Ministry Service Team will be directly involved in hands-on ministry as they design, plan and lead activities and support the programming for the retreats. When not working or preparing for groups you will be rotated through other camp responsibilities as with other times of the year. At the beginning of March, students will finish up retreat season and may have the opportunity to attend the Christian Camp & Conference Association (CCCA) Wisconsin Sectional Conference as part of the program. The last two weeks of March will be Spring Break Ministry Service Team staff will apply for and be directed into summer roles during this season.

April–May: April will begin the start of setting up camp for summer. You will also have the option apply for Wheaton Special Student status to take the spring graduate class (if you are in possession of an undergraduate degree) as an introduction and exploration into graduate studies (see Wheaton website for cost and schedule). In May you will start the summer program and each staff will be placed into a summer program role that suits gifts, interests and abilities.

June—August: You will be fully engaged in the summer camp ministry with youth and college students. The final few weeks of August will be the closing of the experience with assessment and closure. Staff may participate in Wheaton College Passage programming. Ministry Service Team members end respectively with their summer programs ending.

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