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Ministry Service Team - Project Specialist Now Open

This paid position begins in late December 2014 and finishes at the beginning of May 2015.  People in these roles may apply for summer 2015 positions as well.

The project specialist roles works with the Site and Facilities staff to perform facility maintenance, assists with grounds care, and works wherever else as needed.  Familiarity or skill with construction and operational equipment is preferred, but not mandatory, and applicants must be qualified to drive vehicles under Wheaton College driving regulations. Must be at least 18 years old and graduated from college. 

You will be required to live at HoneyRock and pay room & board if you accept this job. A desire to serve others, willingness to be flexible with roles and responsibilities and engagement in the small community of HoneyRock is essential. Learn more about the Minsitry Service Team.

How To Apply

Contact Grable Walls at grable.walls@honeyrockcamp.org

Phone 715-479-7474 ext. 131

Summer Applications Being Accepted Soon!

Working at HoneyRock is far more than just a job. It's living and working within a community of believers who are committed to serving God, our guests, and each other as we fulfill our mission to equip and empower young people for leadership, disciplemaking and kingdom service.

If you are passionate about serving in this way and want to have a blast doing it, HoneyRock may have a position for you.

Summer Employment


You will be a part of a ministry team consisting of approximately 170 paid staff positions who work among the larger community of HoneyRock's student programs, camper programs and full-time staff from early May to mid-August. Positions are available in site and facilities, program areas, kitchen, office, activity area staff, barn, or counseling. You must be 18 or older to apply. (Click here for job descriptions). Please email us about employment questions.

School-Year Employment


Each fall HoneyRock provides the opportunity for young adults to live and work on site through the school year. These are paid positions that begin typically in September and end in mid-March. Individuals in these roles may apply for summer positions as well.  

These positions are intended for those who have graduated from college. You will be part of the small, intimate school year community of HoneyRock. There are several months in the fall when there are only a handful of people on site so you must be “self-entertaining” in the evenings and on weekends. From November until summer there are 10-20 graduate students who join the community and serve the retreat ministry all winter. A willingness to be flexible in roles and responsibilities is also necessary. A desire to serve others and engage in the small ministering community of HoneyRock is essential. (Click here for job descriptions)

Permanent Employment


The permanent staff of HoneyRock is a community of believers who serve Christ in life and vocation year-round. The organizational structure of HoneyRock is consolidated into three main departments: Site & Facilities, Program, and Support. A majority of our staff reside in the Northwoods of Wisconsin year round; whereas, a smaller segment operates from our Southwoods office in Wheaton, IL.

Permanent staff positions open periodically and are handled by Wheaton College Human Resources. (Click here for job descriptions)

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