Urban Missionary Scholarship



  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college/university or equivalent (BA degree).
  • Priority for those of ethnic minority backgrounds.
  • Completion of at least two years of full-time urban ministry within North America with a recognized mission organization or denomination.
  • Committed to returning to urban ministry in North America following MA studies at Wheaton.
  • Must be a citizen of either the United States or Canada.

Award Details

The urban ministry awards are full-tuition grants, covering the cost per hour during each term of course work. These awards are given on a loan/scholarship basis, with 25% of the amount forgiven for each year served in urban ministry following the completion of MA studies. If the recipient does not return to urban ministry, loan repayment of both the principal and interest is required. Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) questionnaire is required.

Application Details

Before you can apply, you must first submit a Preliminary Eligibility Form (PDF) to our office. If you are interested in taking the first step toward applying for this award, we have provided instructions on how to apply.

  • Scholarship applications are processed twice each year.
    • The deadline for submitting application materials for fall term enrollment is March 1.
    • The deadline for submitting application materials for spring term enrollment is September 15.
  • It is recommended that scholarship applications be submitted at the same time as admission forms for the Wheaton Graduate School. Materials are not interchangeable.
  • You must be accepted into the Graduate School by the time of the selection meeting (1-2 weeks after the scholarship deadline) in order to be considered for the urban scholarship.

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