Student and Alumni Publications

Ph.D. students are academically prepared and successful in publishing books, journal articles, and other written contributions. 98% of our Ph.D. graduates are published.


Rigorous scholarship is a distinctive aspiration of our program. We set very high academic standards at every point, including admissions qualifications, coursework, and dissertation writing. Our students’ dissertations are expected to make substantial scholarly contributions in their fields of study. Moreover, as the information here demonstrates, our students and alumni are exceedingly active in scholarly publication (and the conference presentations that lead to publication).

The books, journal articles, and contributions provide the opportunity to assess this in terms of both quantity and quality. It is worth noting that 98% of our graduates have achieved some form of publication, and approximately 60% have published their dissertations within a couple years of graduation. These excellent percentages not only indicate high quantity but also signal at least a measure of academic quality, especially once the publications’ various scholarly venues are taken into account.

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