Giving to Wheaton College

Thank you to those that support the Wheaton Fund! Without their generous giving, I would not be able to be here.

Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton was a life-changing experience. It changed everything about us.

Giving to Wheaton College

I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to give back to this generation of Wheaton students… it is a privilege to be a part of.

Natia Weathers

Natia Weathers '19

Natia Weathers '19 and the Wheaton Fund

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Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates across the country share why they give.

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Endowed Scholarships

Christian and Jewel Magoon '97

Endowed Scholarship

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Murray and Diane Tabb

Murray and Diane Tabb are Wheaton Associates who live in Norman, Oklahoma, where Murray serves as Associate Dean and Professor at the University of Oklahoma School of Law.


TabbsMurray and Diane are Wheaton parents -- their three children are Brian '03 MA '05, Wilson, a student at the University of Oklahoma, and Emily '08. The Tabbs love Wheaton, and Diane sent the following story about how they became connected with the College.



I (Diane) became a Christian while attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Early in my faith journey, I read several books about Jim Elliot that really had an impact my life. The books mentioned Jim Elliot's experiences at Wheaton College. At that time, I remember praying and asking God if it was His will, and if I was blessed to marry and have children, I would love for one of them to attend Wheaton College.

Many years passed, and when our oldest son, Brian was a sophomore in high school, his Dad was planning a special father-son trip to Chicago. I mentioned to Murray that since they were going to be in Chicago I would love for them to visit Wheaton College. Murray was non-committal but said that he would look into it.

Well, Murray contacted the school, set up an appointment, and they took the train over to Wheaton. As they were leaving, Brian looked back at the campus and told his Dad, "This is the perfect school for me."

Wheaton College was not mentioned again for two years, until Brian was filling out college applications. He was accepted at every school to which he applied and received scholarships to several schools, but when his acceptance letter came from Wheaton, he called a family meeting and announced, "I am sure you were wondering where I am going to college. I have decided to attend Wheaton." End of discussion.

Isn't God good and faithful to hear and remember my prayer as a young single woman and give me the desire of my heart- not once, but twice!

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