Giving to Wheaton College

Because of Wheaton I am a stronger Christian and stronger individual... I know Wheaton is doing that in the lives of countless students and I give to support that mission.

Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton College and the generous donors who fund programs like this make it possible for students like me to go places and do things we do not think is possible.

Giving to Wheaton College

What does the Wheaton Fund do? It helps make this competitive pricing possible without sacrificing one iota of the excellence that characterizes Wheaton...

Ryan June

Ryan June '08

We10 Associate

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Pepper Gross

Honored to Give Back

Pepper Gross '15 thanks Wheaton donors for global opportunities.

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Ron and Susie Cockle

Ron and Susie Cockle

Parents of Wheaton Alumni

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The Hastert Center

The Hastert Center is shaping tomorrow’s public policy by training the next generation of government and business leaders.


The J. Dennis Hastert Center for Economics, Government and Public Policy was established in 2008 to advance the training of Wheaton College students and the greater community in the understanding of market economies, representative democracies, limited government, and the redeeming effects of the Christian worldview on the practice of business, government, and politics.

Perhaps now more than ever this mission is essential. Recent developments in the global economy and the downfall of one public figure after another highlight the absence of and need for a solid ethical foundation in government and the marketplace. In this climate, the Hastert Center is equipping leaders of today and tomorrow to think Christianly about their endeavors.

In order to advance this mission, the Center conducts various programs to promote student and faculty development, community involvement, and research opportunities. Currently, the Center is hoping to expand its offerings which include student internships and research opportunities, faculty mentoring, a public lecture series, and an 8 week student immersion program during which students can study the culture, politics, and economics of their host countries.

Your Opportunity

The Hastert Center is seeking $2 million to fully develop these programs. Consider making an investment in tomorrow’s public policy through the J. Dennis Hastert Center.

Make a gift, or contact your rep for more information.

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