The best way to gain experience is through an internship in your field of interest. Wheaton students participate in internships around the world to get first-hand experience in the work place.



How Do I Get Started?


1. Sign up for an Internship Workshop!

You will be given resources to find an internship which will give you valuable experience and exposure to the world of work. Workshop details can be found in our weekly emails or on our main page.

2. Call 630-752-5048 to make an appointment with our Employer Relations/Internship Coordinator, Deborah Carlson.

3. Research internship opportunities on ThunderLink, Internships by Department, Internships by Category, Internship Spotlight.

4. Check out our internship resource links below and on the left!


Internship Tip

Interns, say "thank you" not only to your manager and mentors, but also the administrative staff, IT guy, and fellow interns who helped you on a daily basis. A little thanks goes a long way! Read the tips in 

Thanking the Company >>



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