How to Set Up an Internship

Tips on Setting Up an Internship at Wheaton College


Why set up an Internship Program?

  • An ongoing internship program can be an excellent recruiting tool for your organization. It can also be a great way to help lighten your employees' workload. However, an internship program is not free labor.
  • When setting up an internship program, keep a key point in mind — the intern should take as much away from the internship as your company does. A good internship program will include some "grunt" work, but it will also provide invaluable opportunities to learn about the work world and a particular industry or field. The best internships involve interns in real projects — if only on a low level — and include them in meetings so they can listen and learn.


You will also need to compensate your interns. This can be done in a variety of ways. Either pay them at least minimum wage, or help them to earn college credit. At Wheaton College there are currently 4 academic departments that require internship credit to graduate. If you are interested in setting up a for-credit-internship, please email our Internship Coordinator, Deborah Carlson, or call her at 630.752.5048 to discuss this opportunity.

Read our Internship Resource Guide (PDF) to learn more. 

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