Beethoven's Buddies

Beethoven's Buddies - Chimes (Special Needs)

Students with special needs thrive in group and private music classes.


Beethoven’s Buddies (BB) is an innovative music program which facilitates cognitive and emotional growth for students with developmental delays. BB uses integrated materials and assistive technology such as the iPad in private lessons. Need-specific resources may include Boardmaker, appropriate music apps and video models for weekly home practice.

Program benefits:
  • Strengthens gross and fine motor skills, self-esteem, and language development
  • Enables self-expression and creativity
  • Provides social interaction
  • Connects families raising children with physical and cognitive challenges
BB students have participated in:
  • National Guild competitions
  • National Keyboard conferences
  • Music programs at schools and churches

Clementi's Colorful Chimes

SAT 10:30-11 am | Armerding 126 | Sukenaga
$105/15 weeks

An instrumental ensemble experience for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  All music is modified and color-coded to prepare students for success. Parent attends class.

Private Piano Lessons

30 min/15 weeks | $650

Weekly private lessons are structured on the basis of the individual student's IEP, taught by CSA faculty members Dr. Beth Bauer and Kaitlin Cooper. Students are encouraged to participate in an annual studio recital.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Register—Complete the registration form and submit with $35 registration fee to the CSA office.
  2. Consultation with program coordinator—Placement is contingent upon consultation with the program coordinator. You may be asked to submit the student's IEP.
  3. Prepare to purchase/rent a non-electric piano (private lessons only).

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