2002-03 CACE Audio Archive

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"What is a Christian Patriotic Duty after 9/11?"
Public Debate - September 10, 2002
Cassette | VHS
Gary Bauer (President, American Values) and Tony Campolo, Ph.D. (President, Evangelical Associationforthe Promotion of Education)
"An Afternoon with Peggy Wehmeyer"
September 18, 2003
Co-sponsored with the Communication Department - Peggy Wehmeyer (a broadcast journalist)
"Morality and Responsible Decision Making" - September 26, 2002
Co-sponsored with the Communication Department - Stanley Deetz, Ph.D. (University of Colorado), Mr. Bill Pollard (ServiceMaster), and P. J. Hill, Ph.D. (Wheaton College)
"Freedom and Sex: Finding the Lines in a Promiscuous Age"
November 21, 2002
All Campus Forum - Co-sponsored with the Academic Affairs Office, Student Development, Student Activities, Chaplain's Office, Counseling Center, Residence Life, Student Health Services, and Student Government - David Scherer (Worth Waiting For), Linda Klepacki (Worth Waiting For), Gilbert Meilaender, Ph.D. (Valparaiso University),and Lisa McMinn (Wheaton College)
"The Bible and Homosexual Practice"
February 5, 2003
Co-sponsored with the Provost's Office, Chaplain's Office, and the Bible, Theology, Archaeology, and World Religion Department - Robert Gagnon, Ph.D. (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
"Christians and Wealth"
February 10, 2003
 Co-sponsored with Missions in Focus - Ron Sider, Ph.D. (Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger) and John Schneider (Godly Materialism)
"A Message of Resistance and Hope"
February 13, 2003
Co-sponsored with Human Needs and Global Resources, Plowshares, and Earthkeepers - Jesus Tecu Osorio (Guatemalan Human Rights)

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